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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
1893 Chicago
Congress: International Mathematical Congress
Title: Mathematical Papers read at the International Mathematical Congress, held in Connection with the World's Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893
Volume: Info djvu:4.8 M pdf:8.5 M
Preface v-viii djvu:136 K pdf:277 K
Contents ix-x djvu:136 K pdf:277 K
F. Klein I. Clebsch 1-8 djvu:351 K pdf:669 K
F. Klein II. Sophus Lie 9-17 djvu:338 K pdf:638 K
F. Klein III. Sophus Lie 18-24 djvu:290 K pdf:573 K
F. Klein IV. On the Real Shape of Algebraic Curves and Surfaces 25-32 djvu:337 K pdf:649 K
F. Klein V. Theory of Functions and Geometry 33-40 djvu:278 K pdf:546 K
F. Klein VI. On the Mathematical Character of Space-Intuition, and the Relation of Pure Mathematics to the Applied Sciences 41-50 djvu:421 K pdf:806 K
F. Klein VII. The Transcendency of the Numbers $e$ and $\pi$ 51-57 djvu:246 K pdf:470 K
F. Klein VIII. Ideal Numbers 58-66 djvu:315 K pdf:598 K
F. Klein IX. The Solution of Higher Algebraic Equations 67-74 djvu:323 K pdf:610 K
F. Klein X. On Some Recent Advances in Hyperelliptic and Abelian Functions 75-84 djvu:418 K pdf:796 K
F. Klein XI. The Most Recent Researches in Non-Euclidean Geometry 85-93 djvu:352 K pdf:683 K
F. Klein XII. The Study of Mathematics at Gottingen 94-98 djvu:206 K pdf:410 K
F. Klein The Development of Mathematics at the German Universities 99-109 djvu:510 K pdf:984 K

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