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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
1950 Cambridge (USA)
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians Cambridge, Massachussets, U.S.A. August 3 - September 6, 1950
Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians
Volume: I, Officers and Members, Report of the Secretary, Stated Addresses, Addresses and Communications in Sections Info djvu:42.2 M pdf:73.6 M
Officers of the Congress. vii-xvi djvu:14 K pdf:34 K
Committees of the Congress Donors, List of delegates, List of members 1-87 djvu:4.2 M pdf:7.1 M
Scientific program. 88-120 djvu:1.3 M pdf:2.2 M
Report of the secretary. 121-122 djvu:153 K pdf:285 K
Opening of the Congress by the chairman of the Organizing Committee Election of President, Address of the President of the Congress, Award of the Fields medals, Address by Professor Harald Bohr, Statistics of the Congress, Address of Dr. Detlev Bronk, President of the National Academy of Sciences. 123-148 djvu:1.5 M pdf:2.7 M
Stated addresses
Albert, A. A. Power-associative algebras. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Algebra, p. 25) 149-149 djvu:5 K pdf:19 K
Beurling, A. On null-sets in harmonic analysis and function theory. 150-150 djvu:5 K pdf:19 K
Bochner, S. Laplace operator on manifolds. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Analysis, p. 189) 151-151 djvu:5 K pdf:19 K
Cartan, H. Problèmes globaux dans la théorie des fonctions analytiques de plusieurs variables complexes. 152-164 djvu:978 K pdf:1.7 M
Chern, S.S. Differential geometry of fiber bundles. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Topology, p. 397) 165-165 djvu:5 K pdf:20 K
Davenport, H. Recent progress in the geometry of numbers. 166-174 djvu:551 K pdf:993 K
Godei, K. Rotating universes in general relativity theory. 175-181 djvu:444 K pdf:780 K
Hodge, W. V. D. The topological invariants of algebraic varieties. 182-192 djvu:727 K pdf:1.3 M
Hopf, H. Die w-dimensionalen Sphären und projektiven Räume in der Topologie. 193-202 djvu:699 K pdf:1.3 M
Hurewicz, W. Homology and homotopy. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Topology, p. 344) 203-203 djvu:5 K pdf:19 K
Kakulani, S. Ergodic theory. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Analysis, p. 128) 204-204 djvu:4 K pdf:18 K
Morse, M. Recent advances in variational theory in the large. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Analysis, p. 143) 205-205 djvu:6 K pdf:20 K
von Neumann, J. Shock interaction and its mathematical aspects. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Applied Mathematics, p. 276) 206-206 djvu:7 K pdf:22 K
Ritt, J. F. Differential groups. 207-208 djvu:111 K pdf:206 K
Rome, A. The calculation of an eclipse of the sun according to Theon of Alexandria. 209-219 djvu:813 K pdf:1.4 M
Schwartz, L. Théorie des noyaux. 220-230 djvu:658 K pdf:1.1 M
Wald, A. Basic ideas of a general theory of statistical decision rules. 231-243 djvu:812 K pdf:1.4 M
Weil, A. Number-theory and algebraic geometry. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Algebra, p. 90) 244-244 djvu:6 K pdf:20 K
Whitney, H. r-dimensional integration in w-space. 245-256 djvu:631 K pdf:1.1 M
Wiener, N. Comprehensive view of prediction theory. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Applied Mathematics, p. 308) 257-257 djvu:6 K pdf:20 K
Wilder, R. L. The cultural basis of mathematics. 258-271 djvu:1.1 M pdf:2.0 M
Zariski, O. The fundamental ideas of abstract algebraic geometry. (see Volume II, Report of the Conference in Algebra, p. 77) 272-274 djvu:10 K pdf:28 K
Addresses and communications in sections
Section I. Algebra and theory of numbers
Kloosterman, H. D. The characters of binary modulary congruence groups. 275-280 djvu:325 K pdf:574 K
Mahler, K. Farey sections in the fields of Gauss and Eisenstein. 281-285 djvu:234 K pdf:406 K
Selberg, A. The general sieve-method and iis place in prime number theory. 286-292 djvu:404 K pdf:710 K
Abstracts of contributed papers
Theory of numbers and forms. 293-302 djvu:516 K pdf:868 K
Groups and universal algebra. 303-315 djvu:787 K pdf:1.3 M
Rings and algebras. 316-321 djvu:357 K pdf:638 K
Arithmetic algebra 322-324 djvu:157 K pdf:286 K
VectQr spaces and matrices. 325-329 djvu:291 K pdf:512 K
Theory of fields and equations. 330-333 djvu:218 K pdf:381 K
Theory of games. 334-338 djvu:85 K pdf:158 K
Section II. Analysis
Bohr, H. A survey of the different proofs of the main theorems in the theory of almost periodic functions. 339-348 djvu:586 K pdf:1.1 M
Mandelbrojt, S. Quelques théorèmes d'unicité. 349-355 djvu:342 K pdf:606 K
Rademacher, H. Additive algebraic number theory. 356-362 djvu:326 K pdf:583 K
Bergman, S. On visualization of domains in the theory of functions of two complex variables. 363-373 djvu:721 K pdf:1.2 M
Abstracts of contributed papers
Functions of real variables. 374-388 djvu:864 K pdf:1.5 M
Functions of complex variables. 389-407 djvu:1.0 M pdf:1.8 M
Theory of series and summability 408-425 djvu:974 K pdf:1.7 M
Differential and integral equations. 426-447 djvu:1.2 M pdf:2.2 M
Functional analysis. 448-476 djvu:1.7 M pdf:3.1 M
Measure theory. 477-482 djvu:150 K pdf:265 K
Section III. Geometry and topology
Santaló, L. A. Integral geometry in general spaces. 483-489 djvu:372 K pdf:650 K
Segre, B. Arithmetical properties of algebraic varieties. 490-493 djvu:257 K pdf:469 K
Abstracts of contributed papers
Geometry. 494-499 djvu:319 K pdf:565 K
Differential geometry. 500-510 djvu:655 K pdf:1.1 M
Algebraic geometry. 511-520 djvu:562 K pdf:985 K
Algebraic topology. 521-531 djvu:667 K pdf:1.1 M
Function spaces and point set topology. 532-542 djvu:454 K pdf:812 K
Section IV. Probability and statistics, actuarial science, economics
Bose, R. C. Mathematics of factorial designs. 543-548 djvu:325 K pdf:578 K
Levy, P. Processus à la fois stationnaires et markoviens pour les systèmes ayant une infinité dénombrable d'états possibles. 549-554 djvu:412 K pdf:760 K
Roy, S. N. On some aspects of statistical inference. 555-564 djvu:668 K pdf:1.2 M
Abstracts of contributed papers
Probability. 565-576 djvu:674 K pdf:1.2 M
Interpolation. 577-579 djvu:118 K pdf:213 K
Statistics. 580-587 djvu:441 K pdf:757 K
Economics. 588-592 djvu:80 K pdf:159 K
Section V. Mathematical physics and applied mathematics
Darwin, C. G. The refractive index of an ionised gas. 593-600 djvu:475 K pdf:885 K
Lewy, H. Developments at the confluence of analytic boundary conditions. 601-605 djvu:243 K pdf:405 K
Rellich, F. Störungstheorie der Spektralzerlegung. 606-613 djvu:554 K pdf:906 K
Abstracts of contributed papers
Mechanics. 614-615 djvu:104 K pdf:185 K
Elasticity and plasticity. 616-624 djvu:510 K pdf:923 K
Hydrodynamics. 625-643 djvu:1.1 M pdf:2.0 M
Mathematical physics. 644-645 djvu:110 K pdf:206 K
Optics and electromagnetic theory. 646-650 djvu:293 K pdf:518 K
Relativity, gravitation, and field theory. 651-656 djvu:364 K pdf:648 K
Numerical methods. 657-666 djvu:628 K pdf:1.1 M
Partial differential equations. 667-671 djvu:295 K pdf:509 K
Miscellaneous. 672-678 djvu:274 K pdf:481 K
Section VI. Logic and philosophy
Kleene, S. C. Recursive functions and intuitionistic mathematics 679-685 djvu:482 K pdf:871 K
Robinson, A. On the application of symbolic logic to algebra. 686-694 djvu:613 K pdf:1.1 M
Skolem, Th. Some remarks on the foundation of set theory. 695-704 djvu:665 K pdf:1.2 M
Tarski, A. Some notions and methods on the borderline of algebra and metamathe-
matics. 705-720 djvu:1.0 M pdf:1.8 M
Abstracts of contributed papers. 721-738 djvu:1000 K pdf:1.7 M
Section VII. History and education
Pólya, G. On plausible reasoning. 739-747 djvu:500 K pdf:890 K
Abstracts of contributed papers
History. 748-751 djvu:220 K pdf:395 K
Education. 752-760 djvu:572 K pdf:1.0 M
Table of Content Volume I 761-770 djvu:327 K pdf:567 K

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