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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
1966 Moscow
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians, Moscow, 16-26 August 1966
Title: Trudy Mezhdunarodnogo kongressa matematikov. Proceedings of International Congress of Mathematicians
Volume: Abstract of Reports on invitaion Info djvu:11.8 M pdf:23.3 M
J. F. Adams A survey of homotopy-theory. 7-7 djvu:51 K pdf:108 K
M. Artin The etale topology of schemes. 7-7 djvu:51 K pdf:108 K
M. F. Atiyah Global aspects of the theory of elliptic differential operators 7-14 djvu:525 K pdf:1.0 M
R. Bellman Dynamic programming and modern control theory 15-15 djvu:56 K pdf:117 K
L. Carleson Convergence and summability of Fourier series. 15-15 djvu:56 K pdf:117 K
Harish-Chandra Harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups 15-18 djvu:214 K pdf:409 K
J. Schröder Inequalities and error evaluation. 18-19 djvu:113 K pdf:228 K
K. Schütte Recent results in proof theory. 19-19 djvu:65 K pdf:139 K
S. Smale Differentiable dynamical systems. 19-19 djvu:65 K pdf:139 K
Ch. M. Stein Some recent developments in mathematical statistics 20-20 djvu:72 K pdf:149 K
I. M. Vinogradov, A. C. Postnikov On recent development of the analytic theory of numbers. 20-21 djvu:141 K pdf:281 K
N. V. Efimov Hyperbolic problems of surfaces theory 21-22 djvu:138 K pdf:280 K
M. G. Krein Analytical problems and results of the theory of linear operators, ifl Hubert space. 22-25 djvu:304 K pdf:604 K
A. I. Mal'zev On some questions bordering algebra and mathematical logic 26-26 djvu:67 K pdf:147 K
I. I. Pjatezkii-Sapiro Automorphic functions and arithmetic groups 26-28 djvu:135 K pdf:277 K
HALF-HOUR REPORTS 29-30 djvu:6 K pdf:20 K
Sh. S. Abhyankar The problem of resolution of singularities. 31-31 djvu:64 K pdf:134 K
H. Bass Whitehead groups and Grothendieck groups of group rings 31-37 djvu:417 K pdf:819 K
B. J. Birch Rational points on elliptic curves. 37-39 djvu:226 K pdf:464 K
E. A. Bishop The constructive development of abstract analysis 39 W. Browder: On the embedding problem for smooth manifolds 39-40 djvu:144 K pdf:306 K
A. P. Calderon Estimates for singular integral operators. 41-41 djvu:53 K pdf:106 K
J. Cerf Isotopy and pseudoisotopy. 41-42 djvu:128 K pdf:255 K
P. J. Cohen The independence of the continuum hypothesis and the axiom of choice'. 43-43 djvu:70 K pdf:145 K
J. Dixmier Dual space of algebra or a locally compact group. 43-44 djvu:137 K pdf:280 K
A. Douady Some problems of modules in complex analytic geometry 44-47 djvu:285 K pdf:594 K
P. Elias Gaussian channels and feedback systems. 47-48 djvu:122 K pdf:242 K
F. W. Gehring Extension theorems for quasiconformal mapping in n-space 48-48 djvu:53 K pdf:104 K
E. De Giorgi Hypersurfaces of minimal measure in pluridimensional Euclidian spaces. 48-49 djvu:115 K pdf:233 K
H. Grauert, R. Remmert On non-Archimedian analysis. 49-50 djvu:135 K pdf:277 K
U. Grenander A metric grammar of patterns. 51-51 djvu:65 K pdf:139 K
A. Haefliger Knotted spheres and related geometric problems 51-52 djvu:120 K pdf:243 K
J. K. Hale A class of linear functional equations. 52-57 djvu:318 K pdf:597 K
M. W. Hirsch Smoothing of piecewise linear manifolds. 57-58 djvu:122 K pdf:244 K
F. John The effect of geometry on the behaviour of an elastic solid 58-58 djvu:62 K pdf:134 K
W. Klingenberg. Morse theory in the space of closed curves. 59-65 djvu:491 K pdf:951 K
J. J. Kohn Differential complexes. 66-66 djvu:57 K pdf:115 K
E. R. Kolchin Problems in differential algebra. 67-67 djvu:55 K pdf:116 K
P. D. Lax Scattering theory 67-68 djvu:119 K pdf:249 K
0. Lehto Quasiconformal mappings in the plane. 68-70 djvu:205 K pdf:427 K
L. Michel Groups theory and elementary particles. 71-71 djvu:64 K pdf:134 K
A. Neron Intersection degree in Diophantine geometry. 71-81 djvu:739 K pdf:1.4 M
T. Ono On Tamagawa numbers 81-82 djvu:122 K pdf:241 K
G. Papy Geometry in modern mathematical education. 82-89 djvu:499 K pdf:1.0 M
V. I. Ponomarev On spaces co-absolute with metric spaces. 89-91 djvu:181 K pdf:379 K
H. Rossi Differentiable Submanifolds of complex Euclidean Space 91-92 djvu:122 K pdf:269 K
I. E. Segal Functional intergration and non-linear partial differential equation. 92-99 djvu:581 K pdf:1.2 M
G. Shimura Number fields and zeta-functions associated with discontinuous groups and algebraic varieties. 100-107 djvu:567 K pdf:1.1 M
R. Steinberg Classes of elements of simisimple algebraic groups 107-108 djvu:124 K pdf:239 K
V. Strassen The theorem of the law of iterated logarithm. 108-112 djvu:278 K pdf:523 K
J. T. Stuart Hydrodynamic stability at finite amplitudes and its relation to transition to turbulence. 113-113 djvu:67 K pdf:133 K
K. Urbanik Information and thermodynamics. 113-116 djvu:257 K pdf:505 K
R. L. Vaught Model theory and set theory. 116-117 djvu:122 K pdf:241 K
E. Vesentini Rigidity of quotients of bounded symmetric domains 118-118 djvu:61 K pdf:124 K
Ch. T. C. Wall Homeomorphism and diffeomorphism classifications of manifolds 118-119 djvu:126 K pdf:250 K
J. H. Wilkinson A priori error analysis of algebraic processes 119-129 djvu:619 K pdf:1.2 M
L. A. Zadeh Research on some non-classical control problems in the United States 129-130 djvu:129 K pdf:255 K
E. C. Zeeman. Knots of spheres in solid tori. 130-130 djvu:66 K pdf:136 K
M. A. Aizerman, E. M. Braverman, L. I. Rozonoer Extapolative problems of automatic control and the method of potential functions 130-132 djvu:189 K pdf:377 K
D. V. Anosov Dynamical systems with the transversal foliations 132-133 djvu:125 K pdf:254 K
V. I. Arnol'd Problem of stability and ergodic properties of classical dynamical systems. 133-133 djvu:62 K pdf:130 K
A. A. Borovkov On conditions of convergence to diffusion processes and asymptotic methods of queueing theory. 133-136 djvu:258 K pdf:514 K
A. G. Vituskin On the representability of functions by superpositions of functions of a smaller number of variables. 136-137 djvu:127 K pdf:259 K
M. I. Visik Elliptic convolution equations in bounded domain and their applications 137-140 djvu:223 K pdf:429 K
V. M. Gluskov Automaton-algebraic aspects of optimization of microprogram control systems. 141-141 djvu:68 K pdf:145 K
E. S. Golod On some problems of Burnside type. 142-142 djvu:65 K pdf:138 K
A. A. Goncar Rate of approximation by rational functions and properties of functions 142-142 djvu:65 K pdf:138 K
M. I. Graev, A. A. Kirillov Group representations. 142-143 djvu:129 K pdf:271 K
Ju. L. Ersov Elementary theories of fields:. 143-145 djvu:203 K pdf:440 K
I. A. Ibragimov Some aspects of spectral theory of stationary processes 145-148 djvu:253 K pdf:514 K
O. A. Ladyzenskaja On some non-linear problems of the theory of continuous media. 149-149 djvu:60 K pdf:125 K
Ju. I. Manin The rational surfaces and Galois cohomologies. 149-150 djvu:129 K pdf:270 K
G. I. Marcuk Computation methods in transfer theory. 150-155 djvu:445 K pdf:914 K
B. S. Mitjagin, A. Pelczinsky Nuclear operators and approximative dimension. 155-156 djvu:140 K pdf:284 K
N. N. Moiseev Numerical methods using variations in the space of states and some questions of controlling big systems 156-158 djvu:222 K pdf:470 K
5. P. Novikov The Pontrjagin characteristic classes. 158-159 djvu:135 K pdf:284 K
V. P. Palamodov General properties of linear differential operators with constant coefficients 159-163 djvu:327 K pdf:653 K
S. L. Sobolev Approximation theory of integrals of the functions of many variables 163-168 djvu:328 K pdf:624 K
A. N. Tihonov On methods of solving incorrect problems. 168-170 djvu:215 K pdf:444 K
V. A. Toponogov A theorem about Riemann spaces containing straight lines 170-171 djvu:137 K pdf:273 K
G. S. Zeitin, I. D. Zaslavrkii, N. A. Sanin Peculiarities of constructive mathematical analysis. 171-177 djvu:529 K pdf:1.1 M
A. B. Sidlovskii Transcendence and algebraic independence of values of E-functions 177-180 djvu:287 K pdf:597 K
A. P. Juskevic Researches into the history of oriental matthematics in the Middle Ages: some results and outlooks. 181-182 djvu:102 K pdf:213 K
СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: 183-186 djvu:165 K pdf:315 K
CONTENTS: 187-189 djvu:142 K pdf:282 K
TABLEAU DE MATIERES: 190-193 djvu:166 K pdf:331 K
INHALT: 194-198 djvu:178 K pdf:350 K

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