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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
1994 Zürich
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians 1994
Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 3-11, 1994
Volume: II Info djvu:44.3 M pdf:90.0 M
Volume II Table of Content: v-vi djvu:37 K pdf:86 K
Scientific Program vii-xxviii djvu:286 K pdf:623 K
Invited Forty-Five Minute Addresses at the Section Meeting (cont.) 719-720 djvu:3 K pdf:17 K
Section 7. Lie groups and representations
Jeffrey Adams Genuine representations of the metaplectic group and epsilon factors. 721-731 djvu:460 K pdf:950 K
Henning Haahr Anderson The irreducible characters for semi-simple algebraic groups and for quantum groups. 732-743 djvu:549 K pdf:1.1 M
Richard E. Borcherds Automorphic forms on Os+2,2(R)+ and generalized Kac-Moody algebras 744-752 djvu:429 K pdf:903 K
Michel Brion Spherical varieties. 753-760 djvu:428 K pdf:929 K
Marc Burger Rigidity properties of group actions on CAT(0)-spaces 761-769 djvu:460 K pdf:948 K
Colin J. Bushnell Smooth representations of p-adic groups: The role of compact open subgroups. 770-779 djvu:479 K pdf:1.0 M
S. G. Dani Flows on homogeneous spaces and diophantine approximation 780-789 djvu:566 K pdf:1.2 M
Jian-Shu Li Singular automorphic forms. 790-799 djvu:414 K pdf:828 K
Wolfgang Soergel Gradings on representation categories. 800-806 djvu:342 K pdf:679 K
Jean-Loup Waldspurger Comparaison d'intégrales orbitales pour des groupes p-adiques. 807-816 djvu:448 K pdf:870 K
Section 8. Real and complex analysis
Jean-Pierre Demailly L2-methods and effective results in algebraic geometry. 817-827 djvu:540 K pdf:1.0 M
David Drasin Meromorphic functions: Progress and problems. 828-835 djvu:376 K pdf:788 K
Howard Masur Teichmüller space, dynamics, probability. 836-849 djvu:665 K pdf:1.3 M
Ngaiming Мок Fibering compact Kahler manifolds over projective algebraic varieties of general type. 850-861 djvu:744 K pdf:1.5 M
Duong H. Phong Regularity of Fourier integral operators. 862-874 djvu:655 K pdf:1.3 M
Stephen W. Semmes Finding structure in sets with little smoothness 875-885 djvu:653 K pdf:1.4 M
Mitsuhiro Shishikura Topological, geometric, and complex analytic properties of Julia sets. 886-895 djvu:471 K pdf:947 K
Christopher D. Sogge Smoothing estimates for the wave equation and applications. 896-906 djvu:539 K pdf:1.1 M
Pekka Tukia A survey of Möbius groups. 907-916 djvu:579 K pdf:1.2 M
Sidney M. Webster Geometric and dynamical aspects of real submanifolds of complex space 917-921 djvu:258 K pdf:546 K
Section 9. Operator algebras and functional analysis
George A. Elliott The classification problem for amenable C*-algebras 922-932 djvu:635 K pdf:1.3 M
W. T. Gowers Recent results in the theory of infinite-dimensional Banach spaces. 933-942 djvu:606 K pdf:1.3 M
Eberhard Kirchberg Exact C*-algebras, tensor products, and the classification of purely infinite algebras 943-954 djvu:745 K pdf:1.5 M
E. Odell (with Th. Schlumprecht) Distortion and stabilized structure in Banach spaces; New geometric phenomena for Banach and Hilbert spaces. 955-965 djvu:553 K pdf:1.1 M
Antony J. Wassermann Operator algebras and conformai field theory 966-979 djvu:792 K pdf:1.6 M
Mariusz Wodzicki The algebra of functional analysis (Manuscript not submitted)
Section 10. Probability and statistics
Richard F. Bass Brownian motion, heat kernels, and harmonic functions. 980-985 djvu:290 K pdf:603 K
Donald Dawson Interaction and hierarchy in measure-valued processes 986-996 djvu:546 K pdf:1.0 M
David L. Donoho Abstract statistical estimation and modem harmonie analysis 997-1005 djvu:478 K pdf:980 K
Hans Föllmer Probabilistic methods in finance (Manuscript not submitted)
Jürgen Gärtner Parabolic systems in random media and aspects of intermittency (Manuscript not submitted)
Zhi-Ming Ma Quasi-regular Dirichlet forms and applications. 1006-1016 djvu:580 K pdf:1.2 M
Charles M. Newman A surface view of first-passage percolation 1017-1023 djvu:359 K pdf:709 K
K. R. Parthasarathy Quantum stochastic calculus. 1024-1035 djvu:599 K pdf:1.2 M
Edwin A. Perkins Measure-valued branching diffusions and interactions 1036-1046 djvu:586 K pdf:1.1 M
Hiroshi Tanaka Diffusion processes in random environments 1047-1054 djvu:353 K pdf:714 K
Section 11. Partial differential equations
J. Thomas Beale Analytical and numerical aspects of fluid interfaces 1055-1064 djvu:513 K pdf:1.0 M
Kung-ching Chang Morse theory in differential equations. 1065-1076 djvu:560 K pdf:1.1 M
Jean-Yves Chemin Analyse microlocale et mécanique des fluides en dimension deux. 1077-1085 djvu:407 K pdf:837 K
Peter Constantin Some mathematical problems of fluid mechanics 1086-1095 djvu:364 K pdf:756 K
Constantine M. Dafermos Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws 1096-1107 djvu:632 K pdf:1.3 M
David Jerison Eigenfunctions and harmonic functions in convex and concave domains. 1108-1117 djvu:450 K pdf:898 K
Hiroshi Matano Singularities of solutions of nonlinear parabolic and elliptic equations (Manuscript not submitted)
Benoît Perthame Kinetic equations and hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. 1118-1125 djvu:372 K pdf:787 K
Jalal Shatah The Cauchy problem for harmonic maps on Minkowski space. 1126-1132 djvu:325 K pdf:673 K
Panagiotis E. Souganidis Interface dynamics in phase transitions. 1133-1144 djvu:542 K pdf:1.1 M
Joel Spruck Fully nonlinear elliptic equations and applications to geometry. 1145-1152 djvu:379 K pdf:751 K
Vladimir Sverâk Lower-semicontinuity of variational integrals and compensated compactness 1153-1158 djvu:307 K pdf:642 K
Section 12. Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
A. A. Bolibruch The Riemann-Hilbert problem and Fuchsian differential equations on the Riemann sphere. 1159-1168 djvu:485 K pdf:973 K
Sergey V. Bolotin Invariant sets of hamiltonian systems and variational methods. 1169-1178 djvu:548 K pdf:1.0 M
John Franks Rotation vectors for surface diffeomorphisms. 1179-1186 djvu:419 K pdf:865 K
Manoussos G. Grillakis A priori estimates and regularity of nonlinear waves. 1187-1194 djvu:261 K pdf:529 K
François Ledrappier Applications of dynamics to compact manifolds of negative curvature. 1195-1202 djvu:362 K pdf:701 K
Mikhail Lyubich On the borderline of real and complex dynamics 1203-1215 djvu:743 K pdf:1.5 M
Ricardo Marié Ergodic variational methods: new techniques and new problems. 1216-1220 djvu:212 K pdf:408 K
Marcelo Viana Homoclinic bifurcations and persistence of nonuniformly hyperbolic attractors (Talk not delivered at the congress). 1221-1229 djvu:500 K pdf:1.0 M
Lai-Sang Young Ergodic theory of attractors. 1230-1237 djvu:439 K pdf:882 K
Section 13. Mathematical physics
Jean Bellissard Noncommutative geometry and the quantum Hall effect. 1238-1246 djvu:454 K pdf:916 K
Giovanni Felder Conformai field theory and integrable systems associated to elliptic curves. 1247-1255 djvu:446 K pdf:888 K
Edward Frenkel Free field realizations in representation theory and conformai field theory. 1256-1269 djvu:759 K pdf:1.5 M
Eugene Ya. Khruslov Homogenized models of strongly inhomogeneous media. 1270-1278 djvu:441 K pdf:875 K
Elliott H. Lieb Fluxes and dimers in the Hubbard model. 1279-1280 djvu:96 K pdf:207 K
Roberto Longo Von Neumann algebras and quantum field theory. 1281-1291 djvu:512 K pdf:1.0 M
Gregory Moore Two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory and topological field theory 1292-1303 djvu:640 K pdf:1.2 M
David R. Morrison Mirror symmetry and moduli spaces of superconformai field theories. 1304-1314 djvu:597 K pdf:1.2 M
Gordon Slade The critical behaviour of random systems. 1315-1324 djvu:514 K pdf:1.0 M
Eugene Trubowitz A rigorous (renormalization group) analysis of superconducting systems. 1325-1332 djvu:369 K pdf:715 K
Section 14. Combinatorics
Fan R. K. Chung Eigenvalues of graphs 1333-1342 djvu:451 K pdf:912 K
Zoltân Füredi Extremal hypergraphs and combinatorial geometry 1343-1352 djvu:601 K pdf:1.1 M
Jeff Kahn Asymptotics of hypergraph matching, covering and coloring problems. 1353-1362 djvu:523 K pdf:1.0 M
Gil Kalai Combinatorics and convexity. 1363-1374 djvu:674 K pdf:1.4 M
Joel Spencer Probabilistic methods in combinatorics 1375-1383 djvu:502 K pdf:1.0 M
Anatoly M. Vershik Asymptotic combinatorics and algebraic analysis 1384-1394 djvu:451 K pdf:894 K
Section 15. Mathematical aspects of computer science
Oded Goldreich Probabilistic proof systems. 1395-1406 djvu:654 K pdf:1.3 M
Mark Jerrum The computational complexity of counting. 1407-1416 djvu:579 K pdf:1.2 M
Tom Leighton Methods for message routing in parallel machines. 1417-1417 djvu:38 K pdf:85 K
Leonid A. Levin Randomness and non determinism. 1418-1419 djvu:123 K pdf:255 K
Noam Nisan Pseudorandom generators for derandomization of algorithms (Manuscript not submitted)
Section 16. Numerical analysis and scientific computing
Philippe G. Ciarlet Mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of linearly elastic shells. 1420-1428 djvu:420 K pdf:815 K
Wolfgang Dahmen Multiscale techniques - Some concepts and perspectives. 1429-1439 djvu:542 K pdf:1.1 M
Gene H. Golub Matrix computation and the theory of moments. 1440-1448 djvu:311 K pdf:603 K
Stanley Osher Subscale capturing in numerical analysis. 1449-1459 djvu:522 K pdf:1.1 M
Vladimir Rokhlin Analysis-based fast numerical algorithms of applied mathematics. 1460-1467 djvu:392 K pdf:847 K
J. M. Sanz-Serna Solving numerically Hamiltonian systems. 1468-1472 djvu:257 K pdf:539 K
Section 17. Applications of mathematics in the sciences
Andrei A. Agrachev Methods of control theory in nonholonomic geometry. 1473-1483 djvu:519 K pdf:1.0 M
Marco Avellaneda Homogenization, renormalization and the mathematics of inhomogeneous media (Manuscript not submitted)
Phillip Colella High-resolution computations of incompressible fluid flow (Manuscript not submitted)
David W. McLaughlin Whiskered tori and chaotic behavior in nonlinear waves. 1484-1493 djvu:459 K pdf:997 K
Joyce R. McLaughlin Formulas for finding coefficients from nodes/nodal lines. 1494-1501 djvu:343 K pdf:720 K
George Oster Mechanochemical energy conversion in biological systems ( Talk not delivered at the congress and manuscript not submitted)
Etienne Pardoux Backward stochastic differential equations, and applications. 1502-1510 djvu:418 K pdf:828 K
Jean Pierre Quadrat Max-plus algebra and applications to system theory and optimal control. 1511-1522 djvu:521 K pdf:1.0 M
Raoul Robert Statistical mechanics and hydrodynamical turbulence 1523-1531 djvu:424 K pdf:899 K
Eduardo D. Sontag Spaces of observables in nonlinear control 1532-1545 djvu:849 K pdf:1.8 M
Section 18. Teaching and popularization of mathematics
Deborah Hughes-Hallett Changes in the teaching of undergraduate mathematics: The role of technology. 1546-1550 djvu:202 K pdf:454 K
Joel Schneider Issues for the popularization of mathematics. 1551-1558 djvu:433 K pdf:940 K
John Stillwell Number theory as a core mathematical discipline 1559-1567 djvu:442 K pdf:919 K
Section 19. History of mathematics
Jan P. Hogendijk Mathematics in medieval Islamic Spain. 1568-1580 djvu:599 K pdf:1.3 M
Karen Hunger Parshall Mathematics in national contexts (1875-1900): An international overview 1581-1591 djvu:608 K pdf:1.4 M
Erhard Scholz Hermann Weyl's "Purely infinitesimal geometry". 1592-1603 djvu:688 K pdf:1.4 M
Author Index: 1604-1605 djvu:74 K pdf:150 K

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