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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
1998 Berlin
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians 1998
Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 18-27, 1998
Volume: III: Invited Lectures Info djvu:5.4 M pdf:6.8 M
Contents 1-10 djvu:43 K pdf:85 K
10. Partial Differential Equations 11-98
Fabrice Bethuel Vortices in Ginzburg-Landau Equations 11-19 djvu:55 K pdf:112 K
Frédéric Hélein Phenomena of Compensation and Estimates for Partial Differential Equations 21-30 djvu:62 K pdf:129 K
Robert R. Jensen Viscosity Solutions of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations 31-38 djvu:56 K pdf:111 K
Hans Lindblad Minimal Regularity Solutions of Nonlinear Wave Equations 39-48 djvu:76 K pdf:162 K
M. Machedon Fourier Analysis of Null Forms and Non-linear Wave Equations 49-55 djvu:41 K pdf:93 K
Frank Merle Blow-up Phenomena for Critical Nonlinear Schrödinger and Zakharov Equations 57-66 djvu:64 K pdf:139 K
Gustavo Ponce On Nonlinear Dispersive Equations 67-76 djvu:36 K pdf:128 K
Gunther Uhlmann Inverse Boundary Value Problems for Partial Differential Equations 77-86 djvu:71 K pdf:156 K
D. Yafaev Scattering Theory: Some Old and New Problems 87-96 djvu:82 K pdf:163 K
11. Mathematical Physics 99-204
Eugene Bogomolny Spectral Statistics 99-108 djvu:56 K pdf:116 K
Detlev Buchholz Scaling Algebras in Local Relativistic Quantum Physics 109-112 djvu:28 K pdf:70 K
J. T. Chayes Finite-Size Scaling in Percolation 113-122 djvu:67 K pdf:134 K
P. Collet Extended Dynamical Systems 123-132 djvu:67 K pdf:117 K
Robbert Dijkgraaf The Mathematics of Fivebranes 133-142 djvu:74 K pdf:173 K
Antonio Giorgilli On the Problem of Stability for Near to Integrable Hamiltonian Systems 143-152 djvu:71 K pdf:137 K
Gian Michele Graf Stability of Matter in Classical and Quantized Fields 153-162 djvu:63 K pdf:124 K
Alexander Berkovich and Barry M. McCoy Rogers-Ramanujan Identities: A Century of Progress from Mathematics to Physics 163-172 djvu:67 K pdf:129 K
Roberto H. Schonmann Metastability and the Ising Model 173-181 djvu:60 K pdf:117 K
Feodor A. Smirnov Space of Local Fields in Integrable Field Theory and Deformed Abelian Differentials 183-192 djvu:69 K pdf:128 K
Horng-Tzer Yau Scaling Limit of Particle Systems, Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation and Boltzmann Equation 193-202 djvu:67 K pdf:137 K
12. Probability and Statistics 205-332
David J. Aldous Stochastic Coalescence 205-211 djvu:45 K pdf:99 K
Maury Bramson State Space Collapse for Queueing Networks 213-222 djvu:70 K pdf:128 K
Mark I. Freidlin Random and Deterministic Perturbations of Nonlinear Oscillators 223-235 djvu:100 K pdf:177 K
Jayanta K. Ghosh Bayesian Density Estimation 237-243 djvu:44 K pdf:100 K
F. Götze Lattice Point Problems and the Central Limit Theorem in Euclidean Spaces 245-255 djvu:79 K pdf:167 K
Peter Hall and Brett Presnell Applications of Intentionally Biased Bootstrap Methods 257-266 djvu:74 K pdf:128 K
Iain M. Johnstone Oracle Inequalities and Nonparametric Function Estimation 267-278 djvu:85 K pdf:156 K
Jean-François Le Gall Branching Processes, Random Trees and Superprocesses 279-289 djvu:79 K pdf:149 K
David Siegmund Genetic Linkage Analysis: an Irregular Statistical Problem 291-300 djvu:69 K pdf:125 K
Alain-Sol Sznitman Brownian Motion and Random Obstacles 301-310 djvu:67 K pdf:128 K
Boris Tsirelson Within and Beyond the Reach of Brownian Innovation 311-320 djvu:80 K pdf:147 K
R. J. Williams Reflecting Diffusions and Queueing Networks 321-330 djvu:84 K pdf:156 K
13. Combinatorics 333-422
Béla Bollobás Hereditary Properties of Graphs: Asymptotic Enumeration, Global Structure, and Colouring 333-342 djvu:74 K pdf:140 K
András Frank. Applications of Relaxed Submodularity 343-354 djvu:84 K pdf:146 K
Alain Lascoux Ordonner le Groupe Symétrique: Pourquoi Utiliser l'Algèbre de Iwahori-Hecke ? 355-364 djvu:23 K pdf:82 K
Jiri Matousek Mathematical Snapshots from the Computational Geometry Landscape 365-375 djvu:91 K pdf:160 K
Harald Niederreiter Nets, (t,s)-Sequences, and Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields with Many Rational Points 377-386 djvu:70 K pdf:124 K
N. J. A. Sloane The Sphere Packing Problem 387-396 djvu:70 K pdf:140 K
Joseph A. Thas Finite Geometries, Varieties and Codes 397-408 djvu:79 K pdf:131 K
Andrei Zelevinsky Multisegment Duality, Canonical Bases and Total Positivity 409-417 djvu:66 K pdf:132 K
14. Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science 421-480
Miklós Ajtai Worst-Case Complexity, Average-Case Complexity and Lattice Problems 421-428 djvu:60 K pdf:114 K
Joan Feigenbaum Games, Complexity Classes, and Approximation Algorithms 429-439 djvu:79 K pdf:129 K
Johan Håstad On Approximating NP-Hard Optimization Problems 441-450 djvu:75 K pdf:148 K
Toniann Pitassi Unsolvable Systems of Equations and Proof Complexity 451-460 djvu:75 K pdf:143 K
Madhu Sudan Probabilistic Verification of Proofs 461-470 djvu:84 K pdf:156 K
Artur Andrzejak and Emo Welzl Halving Point Sets 471-478 djvu:60 K pdf:123 K
15. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing 481-544
Gregory Beylkin On Multiresolution Methods in Numerical Analysis 481-490 djvu:67 K pdf:127 K
P. Deift, T. Kriecherbauer, K. T-R McLaughlin, S. Venakides and X. Zhou Uniform Asymptotics for Orthogonal Polynomials 491-501 djvu:70 K pdf:150 K
Bjorn Engquist Wavelet Based Numerical Homogenization 503-512 djvu:90 K pdf:386 K
Hisashi Okamoto A Study of Bifurcation of Kolmogorov Flows with an Emphasis on the Singular Limit 513-522 djvu:75 K pdf:196 K
Jan-Olov Strömberg Computation with Wavelets in Higher Dimensions 523-532 djvu:67 K pdf:137 K
Lloyd N. Trefethen and Tobin A. Driscoll Schwarz--Christoffel Mapping in the Computer Era 533-542 djvu:81 K pdf:201 K
16. Applications, see also Appendix Vol. I 545-644
Marco Avellaneda The Minimum-Entropy Algorithm and Related Methods for Calibrating Asset-Pricing Models 545-563 djvu:104 K pdf:197 K
Andreas Dress, Werner Terhalle The Tree of Life and Other Affine Buildings 565-574 djvu:61 K pdf:147 K
Leslie Greengard and Xiaobai Sun A New Version of the Fast Gauss Transform 575-584 djvu:57 K pdf:133 K
Ulf Grenander Strategies for Seeing 585-592 djvu:50 K pdf:99 K
Frank Hoppensteadt and Eugene Izhikevich Canonical Models in Mathematical Neuroscience 593-599 djvu:63 K pdf:146 K
Thomas Yizhao Hou Numerical Study of Free Interface Problems Using Boundary Integral Methods 601-610 djvu:70 K pdf:196 K
Gérard Iooss Travelling Water-Waves, as a Paradigm for Bifurcations in Reversible Infinite Dimensional "Dynamical" Systems 611-622 djvu:86 K pdf:179 K
Yury Grabovsky and Graeme W. Milton Exact Relations for Composites: Towards a Complete Solution 623-632 djvu:68 K pdf:133 K
Charles S. Peskin Optimal Dynamic Instability of Microtubules 633-642 djvu:60 K pdf:144 K
17. Control Theory and Optimization 645-719
David Applegate, Robert Bixby, Vasek Chvátal and William Cook On the Solution of Traveling Salesman Problems 645-656 djvu:87 K pdf:135 K
Michel X. Goemans Semidefinite Programming and Combinatorial Optimization 657-666 djvu:73 K pdf:138 K
Richard H. Byrd and Jorge Nocedal Active Set and Interior Methods for Nonlinear Optimization 667-676 djvu:60 K pdf:107 K
Ranga Anbil, John J. Forrest and William R. Pulleyblank Column Generation and the Airline Crew Pairing Problem 677-686 djvu:65 K pdf:108 K
Alexander Schrijver Routing and Timetabling by Topological Search 687-695 djvu:63 K pdf:127 K
Jan C. Willems Open Dynamical Systems and their Control 697-706 djvu:70 K pdf:136 K
Michal Kocvara and Jochem Zowe Free Material Optimization 707-716 djvu:55 K pdf:123 K
18. Teaching and Popularization of Mathematics 719-788
George E. Andrews Mathematics Education: Reform or Renewal? 719-721 djvu:21 K pdf:47 K
Michèle Artigue De la Comprehension des Processus d'Apprentissage a la Conception de Processus d'Enseignement 723-733 djvu:83 K pdf:119 K
Maria G. Bartolini Bussi Drawing Instruments: Theories and Practices from History to Didactics 735-746 djvu:97 K pdf:243 K
Miguel de Guzmán, Bernard R. Hodgson, Aline Robert and Vinicio Villani Difficulties in the Passage from Secondary to Tertiary Education 747-762 djvu:115 K pdf:160 K
D. J. Lewis Mathematics Instruction in the Twenty-first Century 763-766 djvu:26 K pdf:61 K
Mogens Niss Aspects of the Nature and State of Research in Mathematics Education 767-776 djvu:72 K pdf:113 K
David A. Smith Renewal in Collegiate Mathematics Education 777-786 djvu:68 K pdf:105 K
19. History of Mathematics 789-822
Karine Chemla History of Mathematics in China: A Factor in World History and a Source for New Questions 789-798 djvu:78 K pdf:121 K
Joseph W. Dauben Marx, Mao and Mathematics: The Politics of Infinitesimals 799-809 djvu:101 K pdf:755 K
Jeremy J Gray The Riemann-Roch Theorem and Geometry, 1854-1914 811-822 djvu:85 K pdf:130 K

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