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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
2002 Beijing
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians 2002
Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 20-28, 2002, Beijing
Volume: I: Plenary Lectures and Ceremonies Info djvu:9.8 M pdf:155.4 M
Contents Volume I i-x djvu:117 K pdf:681 K
Preface 1-1 djvu:8 K pdf:54 K
Past Congresses 2-2 djvu:64 K pdf:653 K
Past Fields Medalists and Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Winners 3-3 djvu:9 K pdf:47 K
The Committees of the Congress. 4-11 djvu:161 K pdf:2.7 M
List of Sponsors, Donors and Contributors 12-12 djvu:10 K pdf:65 K
Opening Ceremony 13-26 djvu:861 K pdf:25.5 M
Presentation of the Fields Medals. 27-27 djvu:97 K pdf:1.1 M
Presentation of the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize. 28-28 djvu:58 K pdf:539 K
Closing Ceremony 29-38 djvu:359 K pdf:11.5 M
List of Participants 39-86 djvu:381 K pdf:3.7 M
Participants by Country 87-90 djvu:18 K pdf:96 K
The Work of the Fields Medalists and of the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Winner
Gérard Laumon The Work of Laurent Lafforgue 91-98 djvu:116 K pdf:1.3 M
Christophe Soulé The Work of Vladimir Voevodsky 99-104 djvu:103 K pdf:1.2 M
Shafi Goldwasser The Work of Madhu Sudan 105-118 djvu:186 K pdf:1.8 M
Invited One-Hour Plenary Lectures
Noga Alon Discrete Mathematics: Methods and Challenges. 119-136 djvu:228 K pdf:1.7 M
Douglas N. Arnold Differential Complexes and Numerical Stability. 137-158 djvu:359 K pdf:9.2 M
Alberto Bressan Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws in One Space Dimension 159-178 djvu:242 K pdf:2.8 M
Luis A. Caffarelli Non Linear Elliptic Theory and the Monge-Ampere Equation 179-188 djvu:99 K pdf:614 K
Sun-Yung Alice Chang, Paul C. Yang Non-linear Partial Differential Equations in Conformai Geometry. 189-208 djvu:247 K pdf:1.6 M
David L. Donoho Emerging Applications of Geometric Multiscale Analysis 209-234 djvu:330 K pdf:2.4 M
L. D. Faddeev Knotted Solitons 235-244 djvu:104 K pdf:716 K
Shafi Goldwasser Mathematical Foundations of Modern Cryptography: Computational Complexity Perspective. 245-272 djvu:373 K pdf:2.7 M
U. Haagerup Random Matrices, Free Probability and the Invariant Subspace Problem Relative to a von Neumann Algebra. 273-290 djvu:225 K pdf:1.3 M
M. J. Hopkins Algebraic Topology and Modular Forms 291-318 djvu:311 K pdf:1.9 M
Victor G. Kac Classification of Supersymmetries 319-344 djvu:339 K pdf:2.2 M
Harry Kesten Some Highlights of Percolation 345-362 djvu:266 K pdf:4.9 M
Frances Kirwan Cohomology of Moduli Spaces 363-382 djvu:244 K pdf:1.8 M
Laurent Lafforgue Chtoucas de Drinfeld, Formule des Traces d'Arthur-Selberg et Correspondance de Langlands 383-400 djvu:241 K pdf:1.5 M
David Mumford Pattern Theory: The Mathematics of Perception 401-422 djvu:530 K pdf:9.2 M
Hiraku Nakajima Geometric Construction of Representations of Affine Algebras. 423-438 djvu:212 K pdf:1.4 M
Yum-Tong Siu Some Recent Transcendental Techniques in Algebraic and Complex Geometry. 439-448 djvu:151 K pdf:1.1 M
R. Taylor Galois Representations 449-474 djvu:319 K pdf:2.1 M
Gang Tian Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis 475-494 djvu:244 K pdf:1.8 M
E. Witten Singularities in String Theory. 495-504 pdf:1.0 M
Appendix A Invited Forty-Five Minute Lectures at the Section Meetings (not included in Volumes II and III) 505-506
Section 1. Logic
Moti Gitik The Power Set Function 507-514 djvu:81 K pdf:538 K
W. Hugh Woodin Beyond Σ~12 Absoluteness 515-524 djvu:122 K pdf:744 K
Section 4. Differential Geometry
Brian White Evolution of Curves and Surfaces by Mean Curvature. 525-538 djvu:172 K pdf:7.2 M
Section 6. Algebraic and Complex Geometry
Richard Pink, Damian Roessler On Hrushovski's Proof of the Manin-Mumford Conjecture 539-546 djvu:105 K pdf:678 K
Section 8. Real and Complex Analysis Michael McQuillan: Integrating ∂ \bar ∂ 547-554 djvu:101 K pdf:586 K
Section 10. Probability and Statistics
P. Bickel, Y. Ritov, T. Ryden Hidden Markov and State Space Models Asymptotic Analysis of Exact and Approximate Methods for Prediction, Filtering, Smoothing and Statistical Inference. 555-556 djvu:28 K pdf:149 K
Lawrence D. Brown Statistical Equivalence and Stochastic Process Limit Theorems 557-566 djvu:127 K pdf:13.9 M
Section 13. Mathematical Physics
J. Bricmont Ergodicity and Mixing for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations 567-586 djvu:224 K pdf:1.4 M
Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom Distribution Functions for Largest Eigenvalues and Their Applications 587-596 djvu:333 K pdf:15.9 M
Section 15. Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Daniel A. Spielman, Shang-Hua Teng Smoothed Analysis of Algorithms 597-606 djvu:126 K pdf:831 K
Section 16. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Albert Cohen Adaptive Methods for PDE's Wavelets or Mesh Refinement? 607-620 djvu:178 K pdf:1.3 M
Section 17. Application of Mathematics in the Sciences
Weinan E, Weiqing Ren, Eric Vanden-Eijnden Energy Landscapes and Rare Events 621-630 djvu:188 K pdf:5.0 M
Section 18. Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
Gabriele Kaiser, Frederick K. S. Leung, Thomas Romberg, Ivan Yaschenko International Comparisons in Mathematics Education: An Overview 631-646 djvu:180 K pdf:1.7 M
Appendix B Errata and Author's Modifications for Volumes II and III 647-654 djvu:94 K pdf:8.0 M
Author Index for Volumes I, II and III. 655-657 djvu:28 K pdf:205 K

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