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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
2006 Madrid
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians Madrid 2006
Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 22-30, 2006, Madrid
Volume: Vol I: Plenary Lectures and Ceremonies Info djvu:11.7 M pdf:6.3 M
Contents iii-iv djvu:36 K pdf:79 K
Preface v-x djvu:31 K pdf:161 K
Past congresses 1-1 djvu:94 K pdf:174 K
Past Fields Medalists and Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Winners 2-2 djvu:7 K pdf:25 K
Organization of the Congress 3-12 djvu:108 K pdf:205 K
The committees of the Congress 13-21 djvu:82 K pdf:322 K
Other collaborators of the ICM2006 22-22 djvu:56 K pdf:121 K
List of sponsors 23-24 djvu:12 K pdf:60 K
Opening ceremony 25-44 djvu:458 K pdf:841 K
Closing ceremony 45-52 djvu:149 K pdf:408 K
The work of the Fields Medalists, the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Winner and the Gauss Prize Winner 53-54 djvu:68 K pdf:166 K
Giovanni Felder The work of Andrei Okounkov 55-65 djvu:128 K pdf:627 K
John Lott The work of Grigory Perelman 66-77 djvu:135 K pdf:640 K
Charles Fefferman The work of Terence Tao 78-87 djvu:105 K pdf:542 K
Charles M. Newman The work of Wendelin Werner 88-96 djvu:109 K pdf:415 K
John Hopcroft The work of Jon Kleinberg 97-108 djvu:123 K pdf:575 K
Hans Föllmer On Kiyosi Itô’s work and its impact 109-124 djvu:215 K pdf:912 K
Plenary Lectures
Percy Deift Universality for mathematical and physical systems 125-152 djvu:340 K pdf:1.6 M
Jean-Pierre Demailly Kähler manifolds and transcendental techniques in algebraic geometry 153-186 djvu:466 K pdf:2.5 M
Ronald A. DeVore Optimal computation 187-216 djvu:352 K pdf:1.7 M
Yakov Eliashberg Symplectic field theory and its applications 217-246 djvu:381 K pdf:2.2 M
Étienne Ghys Knots and dynamics 247-278 djvu:504 K pdf:2.2 M
Henryk Iwaniec Prime numbers and L-functions 279-306 djvu:322 K pdf:1.5 M
Iain M. Johnstone High dimensional statistical inference and random matrices 307-334 djvu:391 K pdf:1.6 M
Kazuya Kato Iwasawa theory and generalizations 335-358 djvu:283 K pdf:1.4 M
Robert V. Kohn Energy-driven pattern formation 359-384 djvu:294 K pdf:1.5 M
Ib Madsen Moduli spaces from a topological viewpoint 385-412 djvu:324 K pdf:1.7 M
Arkadi Nemirovski Advances in convex optimization: conic programming 413-444 djvu:448 K pdf:2.2 M
Sorin Popa Deformation and rigidity for group actions and von Neumann algebras 445-478 djvu:476 K pdf:2.2 M
Alfio Quarteroni Cardiovascular mathematics 479-512 djvu:717 K pdf:2.5 M
Oded Schramm Conformally invariant scaling limits: an overview and a collection of problems 513-544 djvu:415 K pdf:1.7 M
Richard P. Stanley Increasing and decreasing subsequences and their variants 545-580 djvu:420 K pdf:2.3 M
Terence Tao The dichotomy between structure and randomness, arithmetic progressions, and the primes 581-608 djvu:373 K pdf:1.8 M
Juan Luis Vázquez Perspectives in nonlinear diffusion: between analysis, physics and geometry 609-634 djvu:335 K pdf:1.7 M
Michèle Vergne Applications of equivariant cohomology 635-664 djvu:375 K pdf:2.1 M
Avi Wigderson P , NP and mathematics – a computational complexity perspective 665-712 djvu:624 K pdf:2.9 M
Special activities
John W. Morgan The Poincaré Conjecture 713-736 djvu:269 K pdf:1.1 M
Panel discussion organised by the European Mathematical Society: Should mathematicians care about communicating to broad audiences? 737-756 djvu:240 K pdf:665 K
ICM 2006 Closing round table Are pure and applied mathematics drifting apart? 757-776 djvu:218 K pdf:519 K
Cultural activities
José M. Sánchez-Ron The road from Zurich (1897) to Madrid (2006) 777-794 djvu:251 K pdf:607 K
List of participants 795-829 djvu:313 K pdf:601 K
Participants by country 830-830 djvu:9 K pdf:28 K
Author index 831-834 djvu:30 K pdf:74 K

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