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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
2006 Madrid
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians Madrid 2006
Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, August 22-30, 2006, Madrid
Volume: Vol II: Invited Lectures Info djvu:22.2 M pdf:12.1 M
Contents (In case of several authors, invited speakers are marked with an asterisk.) v-x djvu:51 K pdf:141 K
1 Logic and foundations
Rod Downey Algorithmic randomness and computability 1-26 djvu:341 K pdf:1.1 M
Itay Neeman Determinacy and large cardinals 27-44 djvu:225 K pdf:720 K
Michael Rathjen The art of ordinal analysis 45-70 djvu:300 K pdf:1.1 M
Thomas Scanlon Analytic difference rings 71-92 djvu:289 K pdf:985 K
Simon Thomas Borel superrigidity and the classification problem for the torsion-free abelian groups of finite rank 93-116 djvu:299 K pdf:1.0 M
2 Algebra
William Crawley-Boevey Quiver algebras, weighted projective lines, and the Deligne–Simpson problem 117-130 djvu:169 K pdf:519 K
Marcus du Sautoy* and Fritz Grunewald* Zeta functions of groups and rings 131-150 djvu:234 K pdf:799 K
Bernhard Keller On differential graded categories 151-190 djvu:490 K pdf:1.8 M
Raphaël Rouquier Derived equivalences and finite dimensional algebras 191-222 djvu:395 K pdf:1.4 M
Mark Sapir Algorithmic and asymptotic properties of groups 223-244 djvu:275 K pdf:893 K
Ákos Seress A unified approach to computations with permutation and matrix groups 245-258 djvu:178 K pdf:484 K
Agata Smoktunowicz Some results in noncommutative ring theory 259-270 djvu:131 K pdf:341 K
3 Number theory
Manjul Bhargava Higher composition laws and applications 271-294 djvu:303 K pdf:1.0 M
Ching-Li Chai Hecke orbits as Shimura varieties in positive characteristic 295-312 djvu:244 K pdf:821 K
Henri Darmon Heegner points, Stark–Heegner points, and values of L-series 313-346 djvu:418 K pdf:1.5 M
Kazuhiro Fujiwara Galois deformations and arithmetic geometry of Shimura varieties 347-372 djvu:343 K pdf:1.1 M
Ben Green Generalising the Hardy–Littlewood method for primes 373-400 djvu:328 K pdf:1.2 M
Gérard Laumon Aspects géométriques du Lemme Fondamental de Langlands-Shelstad 401-420 djvu:236 K pdf:869 K
Philippe Michel* and Akshay Venkatesh Equidistribution, L-functions and ergodic theory: on some problems of Yu. Linnik 421-458 djvu:504 K pdf:1.9 M
Wiesława Nizioł p-adic motivic cohomology in arithmetic 459-472 djvu:178 K pdf:525 K
Christopher Skinner* and Eric Urban* Vanishing of L-functions and ranks of Selmer groups 473-500 djvu:388 K pdf:1.4 M
Vinayak Vatsal Special values of L-functions modulo p 501-514 djvu:180 K pdf:598 K
4 Algebraic and complex geometry
Valery Alexeev Higher-dimensional analogues of stable curves 515-536 djvu:287 K pdf:983 K
Jean-Benoît Bost Evaluation maps, slopes, and algebraicity criteria 537-562 djvu:354 K pdf:1.2 M
Tom Bridgeland Derived categories of coherent sheaves 563-582 djvu:238 K pdf:876 K
Lawrence Ein* and Mircea Mustata Invariants of singularities of pairs 583-602 djvu:257 K pdf:901 K
Tom Graber Rational curves and rational points 603-612 djvu:103 K pdf:298 K
Jun-Muk Hwang Rigidity of rational homogeneous spaces 613-626 djvu:170 K pdf:486 K
Tomohide Terasoma Geometry of multiple zeta values 627-636 djvu:110 K pdf:357 K
Yuri Tschinkel Geometry over nonclosed fields 637-652 djvu:178 K pdf:576 K
Jarosław Włodarczyk Algebraic Morse theory and the weak factorization theorem 653-682 djvu:407 K pdf:1.5 M
5 Geometry
Christoph Böhm and Burkhard Wilking* Manifolds with positive curvature operators are space forms 683-690 djvu:98 K pdf:290 K
Simon Brendle Elliptic and parabolic problems in conformal geometry 691-704 djvu:168 K pdf:490 K
Ko Honda The topology and geometry of contact structures in dimension three 705-718 djvu:170 K pdf:480 K
Michael Kapovich Generalized triangle inequalities and their applications 719-742 djvu:285 K pdf:1.0 M
Bruce Kleiner The asymptotic geometry of negatively curved spaces: uniformization, geometrization and rigidity 743-768 djvu:311 K pdf:1.1 M
François Lalonde Lagrangian submanifolds: from the local model to the cluster complex 769-790 djvu:266 K pdf:900 K
Xiaobo Liu Gromov–Witten invariants and moduli spaces of curves 791-812 djvu:257 K pdf:868 K
Toshiki Mabuchi Extremal metrics and stabilities on polarized manifolds 813-826 djvu:180 K pdf:604 K
Grigory Mikhalkin Tropical geometry and its applications 827-852 djvu:323 K pdf:1.1 M
William P. Minicozzi II Embedded minimal surfaces 853-878 djvu:302 K pdf:962 K
Yong-Geun Oh* and Kenji Fukaya Floer homology in symplectic geometry and in mirror symmetry 879-906 djvu:350 K pdf:1.3 M
Antonio Ros Properly embedded minimal surfaces with finite topology 907-926 djvu:382 K pdf:815 K
Chuu-Lian Terng Applications of loop group factorization to geometric soliton equations 927-950 djvu:311 K pdf:1.1 M
6 Topology
Ian Agol Finiteness of arithmetic Kleinian reflection groups 951-960 djvu:131 K pdf:429 K
Martin R. Bridson Non-positive curvature and complexity for finitely presented groups 961-988 djvu:382 K pdf:1.2 M
Mikhail Khovanov Link homology and categorification 989-1000 djvu:130 K pdf:399 K
Yair N. Minsky Curve complexes, surfaces and 3-manifolds 1001-1034 djvu:422 K pdf:1.4 M
Fabien Morel A1 -algebraic topology 1035-1060 djvu:335 K pdf:1.2 M
Kaoru Ono Development in symplectic Floer theory 1061-1082 djvu:278 K pdf:949 K
Peter Ozsváth* and Zoltán Szabó* Heegaard diagrams and Floer homology 1083-1100 djvu:225 K pdf:678 K
Karen Vogtmann The cohomology of automorphism groups of free groups 1101-1118 djvu:252 K pdf:708 K
7 Lie groups and Lie algebras
Roman Bezrukavnikov Noncommutative counterparts of the Springer resolution 1119-1144 djvu:365 K pdf:1.3 M
Alexander Braverman Spaces of quasi-maps into the flag varieties and their applications 1145-1170 djvu:357 K pdf:1.2 M
Guy Henniart On the local Langlands and Jacquet–Langlands correspondences 1171-1182 djvu:160 K pdf:500 K
Nicolas Monod An invitation to bounded cohomology 1183-1212 djvu:372 K pdf:1.2 M
Bao-Châu Ngô Fibration de Hitchin et structure endoscopique de la formule des traces 1213-1226 djvu:157 K pdf:512 K
Eric M. Opdam Hecke algebras and harmonic analysis 1227-1260 djvu:455 K pdf:1.7 M
Peter Schneider Continuous representation theory of p-adic Lie groups 1261-1282 djvu:265 K pdf:983 K
Yehuda Shalom The algebraization of Kazhdan’s property (T) 1283-1310 djvu:386 K pdf:1.2 M
David Soudry Rankin–Selberg integrals, the descent method, and Langlands functoriality 1311-1326 djvu:199 K pdf:635 K
Birgit Speh Representation theory and the cohomology of arithmetic groups 1327-1336 djvu:106 K pdf:358 K
Tonny A. Springer Some results on compactifications of semisimple groups 1337-1348 djvu:146 K pdf:482 K
8 Analysis
Mario Bonk Quasiconformal geometry of fractals 1349-1374 djvu:315 K pdf:1.1 M
Steve Hofmann Local T b theorems and applications in PDE 1375-1392 djvu:211 K pdf:748 K
Sergey V. Konyagin Almost everywhere convergence and divergence of Fourier series 1393-1404 djvu:125 K pdf:413 K
Linda Preiss Rothschild Iterated Segre mappings of real submanifolds in complex space and applications 1405-1420 djvu:194 K pdf:554 K
Stanislav Smirnov Towards conformal invariance of 2D lattice models 1421-1452 djvu:530 K pdf:1.5 M
Emil J. Straube Aspects of the L2 -Sobolev theory of the \bar ∂-Neumann problem 1453-1478 djvu:334 K pdf:1.0 M
Vladimir N. Temlyakov Greedy approximations with regard to bases 1479-1504 djvu:304 K pdf:1.0 M
Xavier Tolsa Analytic capacity, rectifiability, and the Cauchy integral 1505-1528 djvu:283 K pdf:1.0 M
9 Operator algebras and functional analysis
Franck Barthe The Brunn–Minkowski theorem and related geometric and: functional inequalities 1529-1546 djvu:224 K pdf:728 K
Bo’az Klartag Isomorphic and almost-isometric problems in high-dimensional: convex geometry 1547-1562 djvu:203 K pdf:622 K
Narutaka Ozawa Amenable actions and applications 1563-1580 djvu:228 K pdf:799 K
Mikael Rørdam Structure and classification of C∗ -algebras 1581-1598 djvu:234 K pdf:812 K
Stanislaw J. Szarek Convexity, complexity, and high dimensions 1599-1622 djvu:308 K pdf:943 K
Guoliang Yu Higher index theory of elliptic operators and geometry of groups 1623-1640 djvu:208 K pdf:644 K
10 Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
Oleg N. Ageev On spectral invariants in modern ergodic theory 1641-1654 djvu:166 K pdf:510 K
Vitaly Bergelson Ergodic Ramsey theory: a dynamical approach to static theorems 1655-1678 djvu:342 K pdf:1.1 M
Nikolai Chernov and Dmitry Dolgopyat* Hyperbolic billiards and statistical physics 1679-1704 djvu:326 K pdf:1.1 M
Rafael de la Llave Some recent progress in geometric methods in the instability problem in Hamiltonian mechanics 1705-1730 djvu:332 K pdf:952 K
Manfred Einsiedler and Elon Lindenstrauss* Diagonalizable flows on locally homogeneous spaces and number theory 1731-1760 djvu:388 K pdf:1.3 M
Author index 1761-1762 djvu:12 K pdf:22 K

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