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Based on joint work by R. Keith Dennis (Ithaca) and Ulf Rehmann (Bielefeld).
2010 Hyderabad
Congress: International Congress of Mathematicians, 2010
Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians
Volume: Invited Lectures Info djvu:9.4 M pdf:19.0 M
Contents of Volumes II, III, and IV v-xv djvu:70 K pdf:289 K
Section 7 Lie Theory and Generalizations 1183-1183 djvu:6 K pdf:28 K
Alex Eskin* and David Fisher Quasi-isometric Rigidity of Solvable Groups 1185-1208 djvu:227 K pdf:271 K
Iain G. Gordon Rational Cherednik Algebras 1209-1225 djvu:161 K pdf:223 K
Shrawan Kumar Tensor Product Decomposition 1226-1261 djvu:347 K pdf:380 K
Erez M. Lapid Some Applications of the Trace Formula and the Relative Trace Formula 1262-1280 djvu:181 K pdf:253 K
Ivan Losev Finite W-algebras 1281-1307 djvu:267 K pdf:315 K
Hee Oh Dynamics on Geometrically Finite Hyperbolic Manifolds with Applications to Apollonian Circle Packings and Beyond 1308-1331 djvu:277 K pdf:4.4 M
Nimish A. Shah Equidistribution of Translates of Curves on Homogeneous Spaces and Dirichlet's Approximation 1332-1343 djvu:116 K pdf:173 K
Catharina Stroppel Schur-Weyl Dualities and Link Homologies 1344-1365 djvu:217 K pdf:264 K
T. N. Venkataramana Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups and Representations 1366-1375 djvu:95 K pdf:144 K
Section 8 Analysis 1377-1377 djvu:5 K pdf:27 K
Giovanni Alberti, Marianna Csörnyei*, and David Preiss Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions, Structure of Null Sets, and Other Problems 1379-1394 djvu:151 K pdf:197 K
Alexander R. Its Asymptotic Analysis of the Toeplitz and Hankel Determinants via the Riemann-Hilbert Method 1395-1410 djvu:138 K pdf:196 K
Pekka Koskela Regularity of the Inverse of a Sobolev Homeomorphism 1411-1416 djvu:58 K pdf:112 K
Arno B.J. Kuijlaars Multiple Orthogonal Polynomials in Random Matrix Theory 1417-1432 djvu:173 K pdf:568 K
Gaven J. Martin Quasiregular Mappings, Curvature & Dynamics 1433-1449 djvu:158 K pdf:203 K
Fedor Nazarov* and Mikhail Sodin* Random Complex Zeroes and Random Nodal Lines 1450-1484 djvu:370 K pdf:873 K
Tatiana Toro Potential Analysis Meets Geometric Measure Theory 1485-1497 djvu:118 K pdf:176 K
Section 9 Functional Analysis and Applications 1499-1499 djvu:5 K pdf:27 K
Damien Gaboriau Orbit Equivalence and Measured Group Theory 1501-1527 djvu:266 K pdf:311 K
Masaki Izumi Group Actions on Operator Algebras 1528-1548 djvu:196 K pdf:238 K
Assaf Naor L_1 Embeddings of the Heisenberg Group and Fast Estimation of Graph Isoperimetry 1549-1575 djvu:273 K pdf:322 K
Mark Rudelson* and Roman Vershynin* Non-asymptotic Theory of Random Matrices: Extreme Singular Values 1576-1602 djvu:261 K pdf:301 K
Dimitri Shlyakhtenko Free probability, Planar algebras, Subfactors and Random Matrices 1603-1623 djvu:216 K pdf:349 K
Stefaan Vaes Rigidity for von Neumann Algebras and Their Invariants 1624-1650 djvu:276 K pdf:326 K
Section 10 Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations 1651-1651 djvu:7 K pdf:33 K
Marie-Claude Arnaud Green Bundles and Related Topics 1653-1679 djvu:255 K pdf:293 K
Patrick Bernard Arnold's Diffusion: From the a priori Unstable to the a priori Stable Case 1680-1700 djvu:194 K pdf:242 K
Xavier Buff* and Arnaud Chéritat* Quadratic Julia Sets with Positive Area 1701-1713 djvu:240 K pdf:833 K
Chong-Qing Cheng Variational Construction of Diffusion Orbits for Positive Definite Lagrangians 1714-1728 djvu:145 K pdf:201 K
Gonzalo Contreras Generic Dynamics of Geodesic Flows 1729-1739 djvu:114 K pdf:208 K
Manfred Einsiedler Applications of Measure Rigidity of Diagonal Actions 1740-1759 djvu:185 K pdf:237 K
Federico Rodriguez Hertz Measure Theory and Geometric Topology in Dynamics 1760-1776 djvu:155 K pdf:198 K
Omri M. Sarig Unique Ergodicity for Infinite Measures 1777-1803 djvu:272 K pdf:1.5 M
Dmitry Turaev Richness of Chaos in the Absolute Newhouse Domain 1804-1815 djvu:116 K pdf:161 K
Amie Wilkinson Conservative Partially Hyperbolic Dynamics 1816-1836 djvu:234 K pdf:321 K
Section 11 Partial Differential Equations 1837-1837 djvu:7 K pdf:31 K
Nalini Anantharaman A Hyperbolic Dispersion Estimate, with Applications to the Linear Schrödinger Equation 1839-1861 djvu:224 K pdf:290 K
Nicolas Burq Random Data Cauchy Theory for Dispersive Partial Differential Equations 1862-1883 djvu:187 K pdf:244 K
Shuxing Chen Study of Multidimensional Systems of Conservation Laws: Problems, Difficulties and Progress 1884-1900 djvu:144 K pdf:184 K
E. N. Dancer Finite Morse Index and Linearized Stable Solutions on Bounded and Unbounded Domains 1901-1909 djvu:83 K pdf:140 K
Camillo De Lellis Almgren’s Q-valued Functions Revisited 1910-1933 djvu:225 K pdf:266 K
Manuel del Pino New Entire Solutions to Some Classical Semilinear Elliptic Problems 1934-1957 djvu:209 K pdf:251 K
Nils Dencker The Solvability of Differential Equations 1958-1984 djvu:247 K pdf:278 K
Nicola Fusco* and Massimiliano Morini Equilibrium Configurations of Epitaxially Strained Elastic Films: Existence, Regularity, and Qualitative Properties of Solutions 1985-2000 djvu:144 K pdf:198 K
Nikolai Nadirashvili* and Serge Vlăduţ Weak Solutions of Nonvariational Elliptic Equations 2001-2018 djvu:149 K pdf:198 K
Section 12 Mathematical Physics 2019-2019 djvu:5 K pdf:25 K
Anton Kapustin Topological Field Theory, Higher Categories, and Their Applications 2021-2043 djvu:214 K pdf:506 K
Antti Kupiainen Origins of Diffusion 2044-2056 djvu:103 K pdf:157 K
Matilde Marcolli Noncommutative Geometry and Arithmetic 2057-2077 djvu:193 K pdf:244 K
Vieri Mastropietro Universality, Phase Transitions and Extended Scaling Relations 2078-2104 djvu:253 K pdf:305 K
Gregory A. Seregin Weak Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations with Bounded Scale-invariant Quantities 2105-2127 djvu:183 K pdf:229 K
Herbert Spohn Weakly Nonlinear Wave Equations with Random Initial Data 2128-2143 djvu:139 K pdf:196 K
Katrin Wendland On the Geometry of Singularities in Quantum Field Theory 2144-2170 djvu:262 K pdf:306 K
Author Index 2171-2174 djvu:18 K pdf:33 K

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