Year:        1924
Location:    Toronto
Conference:  International Congress of Mathematicians
Title:       Proceedings of the International Mathematical Congress
		held in Toronto, August 11-16
Editor:      J.C. Fields, Research Professor of Mathematics in the
		University of Toronto, with the collaboration 
		of an editorial committee. 
Published:   Toronto: The University of Toronto press, 1928. 
Reprint:     Kraus Reprint, 1967, Nendeln, Liechtenstein 
Vol_1:       Vol. I. Report of the Congress,
		Lectures, Communications to Section I and II
Pages_1:     3 + 935 p.
Electronic_1:University of Michigan Historical Math Collection, 2005;idno=AAG4063.0241.001
Vol_2:       Vol. II. Communications to Section III, IV, V and VI
Pages_2:     4 + 1006 p.
Electronic_2:University of Michigan Historical Math Collection, 2005;idno=AAG4063.0242.001
Rights:      Reproduction of the 1924 Toronto Proceedings was kindly
  granted by the Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto,
  under quotation of the following sentence:
  "Reprinted with the permission of the
  Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto".
Print:       Bielefeld UBib Kraus 1967, Series II
Scans:       Michigan done

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