Year:        1936
Location:    Oslo
Conference:  Congrès International des Mathématiciens
Title:       Comptes Rendus du Congrès International des
		Mathématiciens Oslo, 1936. 
Published:   A.W. Br/oggers Bocktrykkeri A/S, Oslo 1937
Reprint:     Kraus Reprint, 1967, Nendeln, Liechtenstein 
Vol_1:       Tome I: Procès-Verbaux et Conférences Générales
Pages_1:     316 p.
Vol_2:       Tome II: Conférence de Sections
Pages_2:     289 p.
Rights:      Reproduction of the 1936 Oslo Proceedings was kindly granted by
             the Norwegian Mathematical Society, Oslo.
Print:       Bielefeld UBib: Tome I (only!)
Scans:       Done.

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