Year:        1983
Location:    Warszawa
Conference:  International Congress of Mathematicians 1983
Title:       Proceedings of the International Congress of
	       Mathematicians, August 16-24, 1983, Warszawa
Editor:      Zbigniew Ciesielski and Czeslaw Olech
Published:   PWN - Polish scientific Publishers Warszawa
	       North-Holland, Amsterdam-New York-Oxford 1984
Vol_1:       Vol I
Pages_1:     848 p.
Vol_2:       Vol II
Pages_2:     882 p.
Print:       Bielefeld UBib: I, II
Rights:      Concerning the reproduction of the 1983 Warsawa Proceedings we
             were informed by the publisher (Elsevier, Oxford, UK) that the
             rights for this volume is with the original authors.
Scans:       Done.

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