Year:        1990
Location:    Kyoto
Conference:  International Congress of Mathematicians 1990
Title:       Proceedings of the International Congress of
	       Mathematicians, August 21-29, 1990
Editor:      Ichiro Satake
Published:   Springer-Verlag Tokyo-Berlin-Heidelberg-New-York etc. 1991
Vol_1:       Vol. I
Pages_1:     768 p.
Vol_2:       Vol. II
Pages_2:     916 p.
Extra_1:     Second Announcement    50+covers
Extra_2:     Abstracts Plenary Addresses, ... 4+266+covers
Extra_3:     Abstracts Short Communications  4+286+covers
Extra_4:     Program   82+22+covers
Print:       Bielefeld UBib: I,II
Rights:      Concerning the reproduction of the 1990 Kyoto proceedings we were
             informed by the publisher (Springer Verlag) that the 
	     rights for this volume are with the Mathematical Society of Japan.

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