Year:        2006
Location:    Madrid
Conference:  International Congress of Mathematicians Madrid 2006
Title:       Proceedings of the International Congress of
	       Mathematicians, August 22-30, 2006, Madrid
Editor:      Marta Sanz-Solé, Javier Soria, Juan Luis Varona, Joan Verdera
Published:   European Mathematical Society Publishing House 
	       (EMS Ph), 2006/2007
Vol_1:       Vol I:   Plenary Lectures and Ceremonies
Pages_1:     834 p.
Vol_2:       Vol II:  Invited Lectures
Pages_2:     1762 p.
Vol_3:       Vol III: Invited Lectures
Pages_3:     1770 p.
Extra_1:     ICm Madrid 2006 Program 205 p.
Extra_2:     Abstracts: Plenary, Invited Lectures, Special Activities 111 p.
Extra_3:     Abstracts: Posters, Short Communications, 
                     Math. Software, Other Activities 637 p.
Rights:      Reproduction of the 2006 Madrid Proceedings was kindly granted
             by the European Mathematical Publishing House, who provided their files
             for use of this reproduction.
Scans:       electronically born, files received.

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