Year:        2010
Location:    Hyderabad
Conference:  International Congress of Mathematicians, 2010
Title:       Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians
Editor:      Rajendra Bhatia, Arup Pal, G. Rangarajan, V. Srinivas, and
	     M. Vanninathan.
Published:   Hindustan Book Agency, New Delhi; distributed by 
	         World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 2010
Vol_1:       Plenary Lectures and Ceremonies. 
Pages_1:     813 p.
ISBN_1:      978-81-85931-08-3; 978-981-4324-31-1; 981-4324-31-0
Vol_2:       Invited Lectures
Pages_2:     1189 p.
ISBN_2:      978-81-85931-08-3; 978-981-4324-32-8; 981-4324-32-9
Vol_3:       Invited Lectures
Pages_3:     i–viii  and pages 1183–2173
ISBN_3:	     978-81-85931-08-3; 978-981-4324-33-5; 981-4324-33-7 
Vol_4:       Invited Lectures
Pages_4      i–viii and pages 2174–3295.
ISBN_4:      978-81-85931-08-3; 978-981-4324-34-2; 981-4324-34-5
Rights:      Reproduction of the 2010 Hyderabad proceedings was kindly granted
             by the publisher.
Scans:       electronically born, pdf files as received from publisher.

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