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About IMU-Net

The newsletter aims to improve communication between IMU and the worldwide mathematical community, by reporting decisions and recommendations of IMU, and highlighting issues that are under discussion.

In addition, IMU-Net will report on major international mathematical events and developments, and on other topics of general mathematical interest. Feedback from readers is welcome.

Latest issues

Correction to IMU-Net 72

In IMU-Net 72, in the section CEIC NOTES AND COMMENTS : THE STORY OF ONE JOURNAL a regrettable error was made. The paragraph "Unfortunately, there is repetition in our story. Once again, editorial displeasure has led this journal's board to cut tie with CUP." is incorrect, and should be deleted.

CUP acted solely as the printer and distributor of the journal, and the decision of the editorial board did not relate to these matters. We apologize to CUP for this erroneous statement.

Carol Hutchins


The member of the IMU Executive Committee responsible for liaising with IMU-Net is Christiane Rousseau


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