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Picture Gallery

The International Mathematical Union is setting up an archive of photos relevant to the history of IMU and any other component connected to IMU. A selection of photos is published on this Web page.

Anyone who wants to share IMU related (photo)graphic material can contribute to the collection. Please send photos you consider helpful in order to illustrate IMU history to the IMU picture archive

Material accepted:

  • digital photos
  • analogue photos (suitable for digitization)
  • any other helpful graphic material (suitable for digitization)

Since IMU subscribes to open access it is IMU’s policy that all information and material offered on IMU’s Web page is available without restrictions and free of charge. Anyone offering photographic material to IMU should be aware of this, and that is why IMU is requesting the following

>> Presenter’s statement<<

Please submit your material together with the presenter’s statement to the IMU Archive

via upload:


via E-Mail:


per post:

International Mathematical Union
Picture Archive
Markgrafenstr. 32
10117 Berlin

Material received that is not accompanied by the presenter’s statement cannot be accepted. The same applies if the presenter’s statement is incomplete or willfully false. The material can be returned to the presenter at his own expense.

All digital photographic material is preserved on the IMU server. Digital photos displayed on the IMU Web page can be downloaded and further used. Download implies the photo together with related information (attributes), and further use implies that photos can be processed, remixed, improved, copied, distributed, used for new output, however, on condition that credit is given to IMU and to the originator of each individual photo as indicated in the “courtesy of” mention on the IMU Web page. All new works that build on the photo must be distributed under the same conditions.



Presenter’s statement

Personal information of the presenter:

Full name:
Phone/Fax. No.:
Other relevant information:

The presenter declares to submit to the International Mathematical Union (IMU), on an irrevocable, voluntary and free of charge basis, the photographic material (“photo/photos”) listed in the survey below.

The presenter declares to be the uncontested owner of each photo listed below, that each photo is free of rights of third parties, and that he/she will keep IMU indemnified for any claims related to any rights of third parties.

The presenter accepts that, without requiring the presenter’s consent, the photo/photos can be published for a limited or unlimited period of time on the IMU Web page on condition that credit is given to the authorship of the photo/photos; that the photo/photos including attributive information is/are allowed to be downloaded from the IMU Web page and that the photo/photos is/are allowed to be processed, remixed, improved, copied, distributed, and used for new output, on condition that any potential user is alerted to give credit to IMU and to the originator of each individual photo as indicated in the “courtesy of” mention on the IMU Web page.

The presenter accepts that IMU’s obligation in terms of protection of authorship rights is fulfilled as soon as IMU has published on its Web page a note requesting to give credit to the authorship of the photo in case of download and further use, and to not hold the IMU liable for any photo user’s failure of quoting photo authorship that might come to the attention of the presenter.

The presenter accepts that the photo/photos is/are published in accordance with the Creative Commons (CC) license: CC BY-SA (Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 Germany) 
English: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode 
short version: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/de/deed.en) .

List of photo/photos presented to IMU

* information required

Serial No.*

File name*




Additional information

Authorship (name)*


for analogue photo: write name on reverse, repeat here

ICM 2010

or: Aug 19, 2010


Opening Ceremony, or xyz Lecture,
or Peter X, John Y, Bill Z

e.g., photographer,
or creator




Place and Date:

Signature (your name is sufficient in case of electronic transmission):

last updated: 2013-11-20