Basic Application Requirements

1. A completed Application form which must be submitted at least four (4) months before the start of the visit (starting the date of the CDC application deadline) for it to be considered. For the first round (deadline November 1, 2016) there is an exeption and applications can be submitted with a visit starting in January 2017. 

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of BOTH the applicant and the host professor must be submitted. It must include a selected list of publications. (Max. 3 pages). Applications with longer CVs are not accepted.

3. A detailed Research program should be there which includes:

  • Expected interaction with local mathematicians and PhD students
  • General aim of the visit
  • Schedule of research visit (including planned lectures/ meetings with colleagues etc.)

4. Tentative Budget details (in EURO) must be included. It should be a detailed draft of the approximate spending (see Grant details below for a detailed overview of what is covered) on the visit. 

All invoices including all boarding tickets have to be kept by the grantee and be sent (original) to the CDC/ IMU Secretariat by regular mail.

5. The application must also be accompanied by a formal letter of invitation from the host institution, which clearly specifies the period of the visit as well as the extent of its financial commitment and support. It is expected that the host institution would at least offer office space, free Internet access and other basic amenities. A template inviation letter can be found here. The invitation has to come from the dean of the faculty for the host institution.

6. The application must also be accompanied by a formal letter from the home institution, which clearly specifies the employment status of the grantee and that the applicant has been granted appropriate leave of absence from his/her home institution which will cover the period of the visit. A template can be found here.

7. The application must be submitted online and as a joint pdf file. Also, send a picture of the applicant to CDC Grants via email <>.

8. Both collaborators should submit reports to the IMU at the end of the visit elaborating on the outcome of the research visit.

9. The grantee has to submit a detailed financial report and has to send all invoices and boarding tickets to the IMU Secretariat (in original by post) two (!) weeks after the end of the visit.

10. The grant is paid in two instalments:
First payment for flight, accommodation, travel insurance and visa before departure.
Second payment for food, public transportation and transport to the airport after the visit based on all receipts.
To receive the second payment the report, pictures and all invoices must be send to the IMU Secretariat before the second payment can be done.

11. The grantee has to sent at least 3 pictures during the visit for the CDC website.