IMU-Simons Foundation Travel Fellowship



IMU-Simons Travel Fellowship Program supports collaborative research visits of mathematicians working in the developing world to a center of excellence in any part of the world for collaborative research in mathematics.  


This grant will support mathematicians working in a developing or economically disadvantaged country (as determined by the IMU-CDC) to travel to a center of excellence in any part of the world for collaborative research (in mathematics).

In exceptional cases, the funds can also be used by mathematicians from developed countries to visit centers of research in developing countries to do collaborative research with mathematicians working there.  


The program is administered by IMU- CDC and funded by the Simons Foundation.  


Basic Requirements:

  1. Applicants must hold a PhD in Mathematics,
  2. be based in a developing country and
  3. be employed as a faculty member of a university or equivalent institution

CDC Definition "Developing Country"

Due to limited funding, CDC defines "developing countries" as countries with a Gross National Income per Capita (GNI) less than 7500 USD. For a list, please go here


Additional Requirements:

  • The applicant should already have established contact with a mathematician in the host institution and should have a definite research plan which must be submitted, along with the curriculum vitae of both mathematicians at the time of applying for this grant.
  • The host institution should cover all local living expenses like accommodation and boarding.
  • The applicant should have been granted appropriate leave of absence from his/her home institution which will cover the period of the visit.
  • Minimal length of a visit is one month.  

All applications should, besides the online application form, contain all of the following:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) including a selected list of publications (max. 3 pages),
  2. a detailed research program including expected interaction with local mathematicians, Ph.D. students, etc. (minimum 100 words and including general aim and schedule of research visit),
  3. a formal letter of invitation from the host institution which clearly specifies the period of the visit as well as the extent of its financial commitment. (It is expected that the host institution at least completely covers all local living expenses like accommodation and boarding). This letter should be send by the host institution by email to: imu-simons-travel-fellowship (@)


Financial Support:

The travel grant under this scheme will completely cover the travel costs from the place of work of the applicant to that of the host to the extent of economy class airfare and surface (public) transport, all visa fees as well as travel and health insurance charges up to USD 5,000.  


Requirements for the Grantees and Report:

In the case that support is granted by the Grant Selection Committee, the awardee is required to the following:

  1. Acknowledge in all publications resulting from projects supported by the Simons Foundation the following acknowledgement "This work was partially supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation.” 
  2. The Simons Foundation’s support should also be acknowledged by the awardee and by the institution in all public communication of work resulting from this award, including scientific abstracts, posters at scientific meetings, press releases or other media communications, and Internet based communications as well as
  3. Submit after the visit (within six weeks):
  • a brief (one page or less) activity report prepared by the mathematician supported, listing research in progress, papers published or in preprint form, students and post-doctoral fellows advised and dates spent at the center. (This can be send by email)
  • a financial report including all original invoices. (This can be send by regular mail)  

Selection Committee:

A selection committee decides which applications are successful.

The Selection Committee consists of the CDC Secretary for Grants Selection as Chair and six other members, three from the CDC and three others each representing Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia respectively.

Every month the application are circulated to the GSC through the IMU Secretariat in Berlin. 

Application Form

The application form can be found here.



IMU-CDC defines "developing countries" as countries with a Gross National Income per Capita (GNIPC, Atlas method) less than USD 7,500.


In case of any questions, please contact the CDC Administrator in Berlin via: 



More information about the Simons Foundation can be found here.