Update about the Program

THIS PROGRAM IS CLOSED. If you are looking for travel fellowships, please go to the

Mathematicians from Africa are highly recommended to apply to the IMU Simons African Fellowship Program. 

Mathematicians from Developing Countries outside of Africa can apply to the 

Please note that the IMU-Simons Travel Fellowship Program had its very last deadline on May 15, 2017 (Decisions will be made by June 30, 2017).





IMU-Simons Foundation Travel Fellowship




IMU-Simons Travel Fellowship Program supports collaborative research visits of mathematicians working in the developing world to a center of excellence in any part of the world for collaborative research in mathematics.

This program is administered by IMU-CDC and funded by the SIMONS foundation.

Please ensure that you carefully go through all the requirements listed below before sending out the application!

Eligibility criteria for Applicants


1. They should hold a PhD in Mathematics

2. They must be based (place of work) in a developing country.

Countries whose Gross National Income per Capita (GNI) is less than 11000 USD are classified as "Developing Country". For a list please go here: http://www.mathunion.org/cdc/grants/cdc-definition-for-developing-countries/

3. They should be employed as a faculty member of a university or an equivalent institution.

4. They should have already established contact with a mathematician in the host institution and should have a definite research plan at the time of applying for the grant.

5. The host institution must cover all local living expenses like accommodation and boarding.

6. The applicant should have been granted appropriate leave of absence from his/her institution for the period of visit.

7. Minimal length of visit should be one month.

Basic Application requirements


1. A completed Application form which must be submitted at least five months before the start of the visit for it to be considered.

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of BOTH the applicant and the host professor must be submitted. It must include a selected list of publications. (Max. 3 pages)

3. A detailed Research program should be there which includes:

  • Expected interaction with local mathematicians and PhD students
  • General aim of the visit
  • Schedule of research visit (including planned lectures/ meetings with colleagues etc.)

3. Budget details must be included. It should be a detailed draft of the approximate spending (see Grant details for a detailed overview of what is covered) on the visit.

4. Invitation letter must be sent. It should be a formal letter of invitation sent by the host institution directly to cdc(at)mathunion.org. This letter must specify the period of the visit as well as the financial commitment (the cost of accommodation and local living expenses must be covered by them). It should also include information regarding office space/ or at least a desk that the host must provide in the mathematics department of the university, along with internet access.

5. The application must be submitted online. Click here for the link.

Grant details


1. The amount that is awarded usually ranges between 1500 USD - 2500 USD.

2. The Grant can cover the following costs

  • Flight cost (economy class) from the place of work of the applicant to that of the host institution.
  • Travel cost to and from the airport and the place of work of the applicant (public transport)
  • Travel cost to and from the airport and that host institution (public transport)
  • VISA fees
  • Travel Health insurance

3. As already mentioned, living costs CANNOT be covered as a part of the grant. This must be covered by the host institution.

4. This grant CANNOT support travel costs to attend workshops or conferences.

Selection Committee


The Grant Selection Committee (GSC) consists of the CDC Secretary for Grants Selection as Chair and has six other members, three from CDC and three others each representing Latin America, Africa and Asia respectively.

The applications are circulated to the GSC through the IMU Secretariat in Berlin, Germany.

Upcoming Deadlines (for completed applications)


  • March 15, 2017 (Decisions will be made by April 30, 2017)
  • Last Deadline for this program: May 15, 2017 (Decisions will be made by June 30, 2017)

If your application is NOT completed by the deadline, it CANNOT be considered for evaluation. Please send your application at least two weeks in advance so it can be checked.



1. If you do not receive an automated reply after submitting the application, let us know via cdcgrants(at)mathunion.org

2. If you are applying for the IMU-Simons Travel Fellowship then you CANNOT apply for the Abel Visiting Scholar program simultaneously.

3. This grant CANNOT support travel costs to attend workshops or conferences.

4. Applications must be sent out at least five months before the start of the visit.

5. In exceptional cases the funds can be used by mathematicians from developed countries to visit centers of research in developing countries for a collaborative research project with mathematicians working there.

6. The application form can be found here.

7. For more information on Simons foundation, please click here.

8. If for some reason the visit is postponed/ canceled, you must inform us well in advance.

Good luck!