Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities (MENAO) Symposium

During the last decade the International Mathematical Union as the coordinating body for the world's professional societies of mathematicians ( has substantially increased its attention to mathematics and advanced mathematical education in the developing world. This attention derives, in part, from IMU's perception that the developing world is potentially home to the greatest untapped resource of mathematical talent.  As part of IMU's work, the link between the cultivation of mathematical talent and the economic development of the countries that are home to that talent will continue to be explored.


In compliance with Resolution 6 passed in 2010 by the 16th General Assembly of the International Mathematical Union, Bangalore, India, IMU proudly announces that the Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities (MENAO) symposium will be held on August 12, 2014 in Seoul, Korea, the day before the opening of ICM 2014.


The MENAO symposium will feature personal stories from a variety of mathematicians, country-specific development stories – both from the perspective of mathematicians in developing countries and from the perspective of their international partners – as well as an insight into the state of mathematics in Korea and its influence on economic development.


We are aiming to bring together promising institutions with potential donors interested in supporting and hope to create new partnerships that will benefit the developing world and mathematics in general.


We also want to celebrate the achievements of mathematical development in economically disadvantaged countries.


The leadership of the International Mathematical Union wishes to make MENAO a premier event of compelling interest to all organizations, governmental agencies and individuals that have contributed to international mathematical development or are potentially interested in doing so.


Ingrid Daubechies, IMU President and

Martin Grötschel, IMU Secretary