MENAO 2014 Aims and Goals


MENAO will bring together approximately 125 invited participants and can accommodate up to 350 additional observers.

Invited participants will include representatives from national science agencies, international organizations, governmental representatives, foundations, mathematical associations, industry and other interested parties from developing and developed countries. 


The goals of MENAO are:

  • Listening to the voices of mathematicians and advanced students of mathematics from the developing world
  • Sharing success stories of development via partnerships between local mathematical communities, their governments, and international agencies and foundations
  • Introduce projects
  • Create new partnerships and networks
  • Expore the relationships between mathematical development and economic development
  • Reviewing the current status of those efforts and future needs.

The latter topic will be consolidated in a series of recently written Regional Reports (covering Africa, Latin America and South East Asia) that IMU will make available at the MENAO event.  


MENAO participants will take part by invitation; observers will be admitted via registration on a first-come first-served basis.


The registration process for observers can be found here.