Review and Oversight

Review of Progress

The GRAID Committee will evaluate annually whether progress is being made by each graduate research assistant by reviewing the submitted reports.

In their annual reports, graduate research assistants should give a list of courses taken, briefly describe work carried out, list scientific papers completed, and give a brief plan for the next year. Where relevant, papers should be uploaded to international preprint repositories, e.g., arXiv. All papers and scientific presentations should acknowledge support from IMU and the GRAID Program.

The Principal Investigator as well as the International Partner also submit confidential progress reports for each graduate research assistant in their group. These reports include a brief description of the past and planned work of the overall working group.

Prior to each annual discussion of new applications, the GRAID Committee will assess the different graduate research assistants and whether they remain in good standing.


Review of the GRAID Program

At the end of 5 years, the GRAID Program shall be reviewed by the IMU and CDC.