Thanks to a generous donation by the winners of the Breakthrough Prizes in Mathematics – Ian Agol, Jean Bourgain, Simon Donaldson, Maxim Kontsevich, Jacob Lurie, Terence Tao and Richard Taylor– the International Mathematical Union, with the assistance of FIMU and TWAS launched in 2016 a fellowship program to support postgraduate studies, in a developing country, leading to a PhD degree in the mathematical sciences. The IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships offer a limited number of grants for excellent students from developing countries.


The first three selected candidates (2016)

                            Do Thai Duong                              María Alejandra Ramírez Luna                      Abebe Regassa Tufa 




Further information about the candidates can be found here.

The candidates were selected by the Breakout Fellowship Selection Committee.

Currently no further fellowships are available.


TWAS administers this programme (since submission of the applications) on behalf of IMU and is liaising with the awardees and will monitor the progress of the nominees during and after their PhD studies.

Obligations of the Awardees

The awardees of the fellowship and their research supervisors will be asked to submit annual reports to TWAS and IMU.

All awardees will be asked, on the completion of the PhD programme, to submit a copy of the approved thesis and a final report on the work carried out to IMU and TWAS.