Program Outline for Universities in Developing Countries


Upcoming Deadlines for Host Institutions to apply for a volunteer lecture between October 2017 and May 2019


  • August 15th 2017 for lectures starting from October 1st 2017. Decisions will be announced by September 15, 2017.The lecturer should visit the host institution during October 1st 2017-December 2018.
  • December 15h, 2017 or lectures starting from February 1st 2017. Decisions will be announced by January 15, 2017. The lecturer should visit the host institution during February 1st 2018-May 2019.


IMU/ CDC welcomes applications by universities and mathematics degree programs in the developing world that are in need of, and can provide the necessary conditions for productive collaboration in the teaching of advanced mathematics. We seek universities interested to host a lecturer for intensive 3-4 week mathematics courses, at the advanced undergraduate or master level. The course given by the volunteer should be part of a regular mathematics undergraduate or master degree program at the hosting university. Also courses for a degree of "Mathematics and Informatics” or similar are admissible. Unfortunately mathematics courses for an undergraduate or Master degree in Engineering or similar degrees are not permissible.

Costs of the lecturer (up to Euro 4.200) will be covered by IMU/ CDC. The host university will have no financial obligations toward the lecturer.   



Role and Requirements for the host university

The course should be

The host university is expected to assign a local mathematics professor who will:

  • Schedule the course and help the volunteer lecturer in preparing the course syllabus and assists when necessary during the course.
  • Coordinate living arrangements and local transportation for the volunteer lecturer.
  • Prepare the students for the course beforehand.
  • Help with student mentoring and assessment and take care of any necessary follow up.


The Host Institution is also required to fill out a report form after the visit of the volunteer.

Who decides the course content?

The host university decides the course content and guides the volunteer towards desired syllabus.


List and Database of Volunteers

The CDC List of Volunteer Lecturers contains a large database of the mathematicians willing to volunteer and including the mathematician's curriculum vitae (CV), the areas of mathematics in which they are prepared to teach, language abilities, typical dates of availability, and previous experience. If an institution is not jet registered only selected information will be available. Once registered further information is available.


"I am most thankful for the lecturers contribution towards properly operationalizing our MCCSE programs. The Volunteer Lecturer's proposal that we come up with an annual NMAIST conference series is wonderful, and meets my full support. We feel greatly honoured by his stay with us here at NM-AIST, and I am happy to note that he is pleased to be part of the NM-AIST Family."

Burton LM Mwamila, Vice Chancellor NM AIST-Arusha, one of the VLP Host Institutions in 2011