Program Outline and Requirements for Lecturers

We seek mathematicians who teach in mathematics departments or have a regular governmental or industrial positions and who are interested to lecture for intensive 3-4 week courses at universities in the developing world, at the advanced undergraduate or master level in topics such as statistics, differential equations, numerical analysis, etc., the capacity for which is lacking at many universities in developing nations/ countries.



Lecturers have to hold a PhD in the mathematical sciences and be employed in a university as a lecturer in the mathematical sciences (or governmental or industrial positions with a focus on the mathematical sciences) to be eligible to participate in the program.

Our volunteers should be professional mathematicians with regular positions to which they will return after their intensive lecture course has finished.

Past experience in the developing world is desirable but not necessary. However what is required is tolerance for working in circumstances of modest resources, unexplained inefficiencies, and limited physical comforts.


The lecturer will be assisted by a local mathematics professor who prepares the students beforehand, assists when necessary during the course, and takes care of any necessary follow-up. These courses should have a student audience of 15-20 or more, be controlled, with examinations, and be part of a regular degree program at the university at which they are offered.



Funds for all living expenses, including travel, visa, health insurance, necessary vaccination, accommodation and living costs (up to EURO 4.000), will be provided by IMU/ CDC or its partner organizations; however, we request that the mathematician's home institution offers leave with pay during his/her 3-4 week absence.


We believe that a strong case can be made that cooperation with this program will not only bring personal and professional benefit to the lecturer, but will also redound to the credit of the lecturer's home institution.


Health Insurance

The CDC requests that the volunteer, prior to departure, obtains an international health insurance which covers all costs for necessary medical treatment abroad and repatriation in the event of illness or an accident. Volunteer lecturers should arrange for any additional health insurance, including medical evacuation insurance, prudent during their VLP assignment. Costs of such insurance can be charged as part of the EURO 4,000 support provided by IMU.  



IMU/ CDC works with the host institutions to insure a secure and productive stay in the country of the host institution from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure. Although IMU/CDC makes every effort to insure only placements in relatively safe, secure and healthy environments, neither the International Mathematical Union or its Commission for Developing Countries can assume liability for the health and safety of its lecturers.

We advise all volunteer lecturers to check with their Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ State Department prior to their departure regarding safety, health issues (including immunization) and health insurance. This source also provides helpful guidance and general comments on travel to the country and region hosting the volunteer lecturer.


Register as a Lecturer

If you are interested to lecture in a developing country, you need to register as a Volunteer Lecturer via our online application form.

You can register as lecturer here.