Further CDC Activities
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Further Activities Commission for Developing Countries

Besides the Grants Program for Mathematicians and the Volunteer Lecturer Program, the CDC also carries out the following activities to accomplish various aspects of its mission:

  • Research
  • Support of Local Initiatives
  • Support of Educational and Local Capacity Building Programs
  • Supports and implements IMU member contribution-programs destined for support of mathematics and mathematics teaching in developing countries.
  • Explores funding and grant opportunities of new and existing sponsors.
  • Develops proposals and joint activities with partner organizations.
  • Locates inexpensive and free online mathematics research resources and advertise these to mathematicians in the developing world.
  • Acts as a "clearing-house" for the activities of individual countries and mathematics societies in support of mathematicians in the developing world.
  • Encourages proposals and appeals of support and projects from mathematical organizations or individual mathematicians in the developing world.
last updated: 2011-08-22