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Press Release, September 2011

Library Assistance Scheme for Developing Countries

The Commission for Developing Countries, part of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) has recently supported the shipment of textbooks to universities in less economically developed countries.

Professor Sir John Ball, former IMU president, donated and shipped 37 mathematics textbooks to the University of Tibet in Lhasa. The university's mathematics department has 25 staff and 167 students, who are all training to become teachers. The university thanked Sir Ball and the IMU for their support through an official thank you letter.

In another case, Dr Robert Pour, who had previously been to the National University of Laos as part of the Volunteer Lecture Program(VLP), collected mathematics textbooks for university library after seeing how miniscule their holdings were and still are. Dr Pour personally brought the books to the Laotian Embassy in Washington DC, who assisted in shipping the textbooks to the university. Libraries in universities/research institutions in developing countries can apply for assistance under this scheme.

CDC offers limited financial support for shipment costs for individual scientists or institutions wishing to donate books in the mathematical sciences to libraries in developing countries through its recently launched Library Assistance Scheme.

For more information please check out CDC's "Further Activities" on their website.

last updated: 2011-09-22