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Support of Local Initiatives

African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative (AMMSI)

AMMSI is a network of mathematics centers in sub-Saharan Africa that organizes conferences and workshops, visiting lectureships and an extensive scholarship program for mathematics graduate students doing PhD work on the African continent. IMU/CDC has most recently focused on the AMMSI scholarship program, which needs continuous international funding to maintain its vital work of providing the continent with its next generation of mathematical leadership.

More details can be found on the AMMSI website, please click here.


Mentoring African Research in Mathematics (MARM)

IMU/ DCSG assisted the London Mathematical Society in founding the MARM program, which supports mathematics and its teaching in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa through a mentoring partnership between mathematicians in the United Kingdom and African colleagues, together with their students. It focuses on cultivating longer-term mentoring relations between individual mathematicians and students.

More details are available on the MARM website, please click here.

last updated: 2011-08-15