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Conference Support Program

This program gives partial support to conferences organized in developing and economically disadvantaged countries. The funds are for academic use only (travel or living expenses of invited speakers or participants coming from developing countries). The Conference Support Program also supports a few major international conferences occurring in developed countries who would like to invite mathematicians from developing counties.

General Policy and Requirements for Support to Conferences

  1. Conferences should address a regional audience and not only a national one;  They should benefit mathematicians from the neighboring countries as well.
  2. The funds awarded are for academic use only (travel or living expenses of invited speakers or participants coming from developing countries).
  3. The cost of speakers from developed countries cannot be covered by the grant.
  4. The GSC only considers conferences at the research level and, due to lack of funds, cannot support schools or activities which are mainly concerned with professional training.
  5. The GSC should not be expected to provide the main share of financial support; an overall conference budget has to be included with the application.

Due to limited funding the Commission for Developing Countries defines “developing countries” as countries with a Gross National Income per Capita (Atlas method) lower than USD 7.500. 


A) Conferences in Developing Countries (Key Support):

The Commission for Developing Countries supports conferences organized in developing countries and which are a priori open to any working mathematician whatever his or her nationality.


B) Conferences in Developed Countries:

The Conference Support Program also supports annually a few major international conferences occurring in developed countries (countries with a GNIPC over USD 7.500).

Although the same general requirements apply for conferences in developed countries and the same application form is to be used, the application from developed countries has two additional requirements:

1. Grants received shall only be used to support conference participation by mathematicians from developing countries (countries with a lower GNIPC than USD 7.500, Atlas method).
2. Conference organizers are required to demonstrate that they will match the funds requested from CDC with an equal amount from other sources which is also dedicated to supporting conference participation by mathematicians from developing countries.

All applications should contain all of the following information:

1. Detailed scientific program (including organization of the conference: plenary lectures, parallel sessions, etc.)
2. A list of invited speakers (Name-University-Country) (specify those who have accepted)
3. Relevance of the conference for participating mathematicians from developing countries
4. An estimated budget how the grant requested for the support of mathematicians from developing countries will be spend (e.g. 1000 USD for speaker from a developing country and 300 USD for living costs, 1000 travel support for two participants from developing countries).
5. A statement detailing how funding sought from GSC will be matched by the conference organizers (e.g. free accommodation and food for supported mathematicians)
6. The total budget of the conference including a list of supporting institutions, expected income and expected expenditures).
7. Curriculum vitae of main conference organizer(s) (max. 3 pages)

Conference organizers should apply at least six months in advance to the Grants Selection Committee of CDC.

In cases in which funding is granted, the conference grant will normally be in the range of USD 1000 – 3000. Exact amounts will depend on the Committee's evaluation mathematical quality and impact and budget constraints.

In the case that support is granted by the Grant Selection Committee, the organizers are required to name IMU- CDC as sponsor of the conference (in all publications, announcements e.g.) as well as submit after the conference (within six weeks)

  • A scientific report
  • An Itemized detailed financial report on the use of their GSC conference funds naming the supported mathematicians as well as their contact details.

Attention grantees: If the conference is cancelled, or if its nature is fundamentally altered, grantees are required to immediately contact the IMU Secretariat in Berlin concerning return of the funds granted. It is expected that the funds will be returned to CDC/IMU.


Application Form

For the Conference Support Application Form, please go here: Application Form for Conference Support.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the CDC Administrator.


Final Report Form (for scientific and financial report)

For the final report (after the conference) please use the Report Form for CDC Support.


For reports of past CDC supported conferences, please go here.

last updated: 2011-12-01