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Financial Support for ICM 2014 in Korea- Travel Grants for 1000 Mathematicians

Invitation of 1,000 Mathematicians from Developing Countries to Korea

The Korean Mathematical Society, KMS (the local organizers of ICM 2014) have offered to invite 1,000 mathematicians from developing countries and covering their travel and living costs while attending the conference in Korea.

They have set up a SEOUL ICM Travel Fellowship Fund which is expected to receive over US$2 million by 2014, mainly from global corporations.

This was motivated by the IMU/CDC travel assistance program from which in the 70’s and 80’s members of the Korean Mathematical Society (KMS) have enjoyed the benefits as well as travel assistance programs organized by previous ICM host countries, including the US$400,000 program prepared by Beijing ICM organizers.

Such assistance not only benefited the recipients of the travel assistance but also the students and young researchers with whom the recipients of IMU assistance shared the excitement and experience gained from ICMs.

The KMS and its members fully acknowledge the gracious and friendly support received from the international math community, and hope more countries can share in the benefits. This has motivated the theme of Korea’s bidding proposal: "Dreams and Hopes for Late Starters".

In order to realize the proposal’s theme, the KMS offers to invite 1,000 mathematicians in developing countries (DC) to Korea during ICM 2014.

For more information: Please go here.

last updated: 2011-09-20