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Individual Support Program

Utkir Rozikov visited with CDC support the CPT in Marseille, France in 2010

This program supports travel costs for research visits (minimum stay is four weeks) by mathematicians based in developing and economically disadvantaged countries.

General Policy for Applications made by Individuals

1. The Grants Selection Committee (GSC) of the CDC accepts applications for support for research visits made by individual mathematicians from developing countries with a Ph.D. or equivalent (in the field of mathematics).

2. The host institution should explicitly commit itself to supporting the local expenses.

3. Mathematicians from developed countries are only eligible for visits made to mathematical centers in developing countries.

4. The research visits should have a duration which allows profitable contacts and scientific cooperation (four weeks is the minimum). The GSC considers applications from mathematicians working in all areas of advanced mathematics.

Due to limited funding, GSC defines "developing countries" as countries with a Gross National Income per Capita (GNIPC, Atlas method) less than 7500 USD. For a list, please go here

In special circumstances applications from countries with a marginally higher GNIPC may still be considered for funding.

Due to the limited funds at its disposal, the GSC CANNOT support:

A) Training visits (even for Ph.D. programs).

B) Applications by individuals for travel grants to attend conferences (even for invited speakers).

C) Travel support when local support is sufficient to cover both local and travel expenses (e.g. visiting professorship positions).

Individuals should apply at least four months in advance.


Application Requirements:

1) Curriculum Vitae including a selected list of publications (max. 3 pages)

2) A detailed research program including expected interaction with local mathematicians, Ph.D. students, etc. (minimum 100 words and including general aim of research visit)

3) A copy of the letter of invitation from the host institution mentioning explicitly how local expenses like accommodation and food will be supported (by host institution, by a fellowship, etc.).


Individuals who receive financial support are required to:

1. Submit a scientific report and itemized financial report on the use of their travel funds within 6 weeks after the conclusion of their supported activity.

Please use: Final Report Form on Use of IMU CDE Support

2. Acknowledge the support of the International Mathematical Union in their publications.


Attention grantees: If the research visit for which CDC/IMU funds are granted is cancelled, or if its nature is fundamentally altered, grantees are required to immediately contact the IMU Secretariat in Berlin concerning return of the funds granted. It is expected that the funds will be returned to GSC/IMU.



Application Form for Individual Support: please click here.

Report Form for CDC Support: please click here.

last updated: 2011-10-27