Volunteer Lecturer Program
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Welcome to the Volunteer Lecturer Program (VLP), developed and sponsored by the Commission for Developing Countries of the International Mathematical Union, in cooperation with the Centre International de Mathématique Pures et Apliquées, the U.S National Committee for Mathematics, and the London Mathematical Society.

The goal of this program is to offer universities in the developing world lecturers for intensive 3-4 week courses in mathematics at the advanced undergraduate or master's level to build up local capacity.

The hosting university has no financial obligations (all cost of the lecturer will be covered by CDC or one of its partners) but is expected to provide a local assistant who prepares the students beforehand, assists the volunteer lecturer when necessary during the course, and takes care of any necessary follow-up. These courses should have a student audience of 15-20 or more, include examinations, and be part of a regular degree program at the hosting university.

IMU/ CDC provides the host universities access to a database of all volunteer lecturers. After agreement with the university on an appropriate choice, volunteer lecturers are provided with travel and living expenses up to USD 5.000. These funds are provided either directly by IMU/ CDC or by one of the partner agencies listed above.

Objectives of the Volunteer Lecturer Program:

  • Building capacity in mathematics and mathematics education in developing countries.
  • Increasing mathematical interaction between the mathematical community in the developed world and the vast, mostly untapped reservoir of mathematical talent in the developing world.

The long-term goals of the VLP are:

  • Increasing the knowledge level of advanced mathematics topics in the developing world.
  • Establishing a critical mass of successful students of advanced mathematics in individual developing countries.
  • Developing instructional materials to support VLP lecturers in developing countries
  • Contributing to the training of mathematicians in the developing world.
  • Establishing a leadership group of teachers and professors of mathematics as a talent pool for professional development
  • Enhancing creative and innovative teaching skills of volunteer lecturers themselves and nurturing sustainable contact between them and young mathematical talent in developing countries.
  • Strengthening contacts between the IMU and mathematical communities in developing countries.

last updated: 2011-09-23