Volunteer Lecturers Application Form
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Please contact the CDC Administrator in the IMU Secretariat in Berlin: icmi.cdc.administrator (at)mathunion.org to receive access to the online application form for lecturers.


You will need the following information:


Data for the Volunteer Lecturer Profile

1. Surname(s)/Family Name(s):

2. Name(s)/First Name(s):

3. Birth year:

4. E-mail:

5. Full mailing address:

6. Telephone number:

7. University or business affiliation:

8. Mathematical area of specialty

9. Knowledge of languages other than English and degree of fluency:

10. Month(s) and year(s) when you are likely to be available for a one month assignment (in 2012/2013/2014):

11. Courses you would be willing to teach at advanced undergraduate level (you may select more than one):

a) Real analysis

b) Complex analysis

c) Abstract Algebra

d) Linear Algebra

e) Topology

f) Differential Geometry

g) Differential Equations

h) Applied Mathematics

i) Numerical Analysis

j) Probability

k) Statistics

l) Mathematical Logic, Foundations

m) Other (please specify):

12. Please note below any previous professional experience in the developing world (Past experience in the developing world is desirable but not necessary. However what is required is tolerance for working in circumstances of modest resources, unexplained inefficiencies, and limited physical comforts.):

13. Countries of regions in the developing world with which you have mathematical contact:

14. Funds for all expenses, including travel, will be raised by the International Mathematical Union or the U.S. National Committee.

However, we will request that the mathematician's home institution offer leave with pay during his/her 3-4 week absence.

My home institution: a) Will b) May, if requested by IMU c) Is not able to offer leave with pay/ salary during the 3-4 week period of my absence.


last updated: 2012-07-19