University Request for a Volunteer Lecturer
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Please contact the CDC Administrator in the IMU Secretariat in Berlin: icmi.cdc.administrator (at) to receive access to the online application form for host institutions.


You will need the following information to request a lecturer:

1. Name of University:

2. Department:

3. Name of Head/Chair/Director/Dean:

4. Link for the website of the Department/School/Faculty (if any):

5. Name of the university's representative who could be contacted for further scheduling of the course and living arrangements of the volunteer lecturer:

6. Email address of the representative:

7. Full mailing address of the representative (please use your university address):

8. Telephone number at which the representative could be reached:

9. Fax (where documents can be sent to the above mentioned representative):

10. Indicate the course being requested:

a. Real Analysis

b. Complex Analysis

c. Abstract Algebra

d. Linear Algebra

e. Topology f. Differential Geometry g. Differential Equations h. Applied Mathematics i. Numerical Analysis j. Probability k. Statistics l. Mathematical Logic, Foundations m. Other (please specify):

11. Name, address for correspondence and email of local faculty who will be assisting the volunteer lecturer during the course:

12. Specify the degree program within which the course is required, and provide some basic information about the other courses or requirements for the degree:

13. What is the number and average preparation of the students who will take this course?

14. Indicate months during which the 3-week course could be offered: 

15. Specify any indispensable foreign language knowledge (if other than English) required of Visiting Lecturer:

16. Briefly describe the living arrangements available to Visiting Lecturer:

17. Has your institution already participated in the Volunteer Lecturer Program? (If yes; when and which lecturer participated in the program?

18. Has our institution or you participated in any other CDC (CDE/ DSCG) or IMU support programs?

19. How did you hear about the VLP?


We will send you the log in of the Visiting Lecturer Database after your submission of data. Afterwards you can indicate five mathematicians that you would like to invite to teach the 3-4 week course.

last updated: 2012-07-19