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Report Robert Pour, VLP at National University of Laos, Dong Dok Campus Vientiane, Laos 2009

Lecturer: Dr. Robert Pour, Emory and Henry College, U. S. A.

Location: National University of Laos, Dong Dok Campus Vientiane, Laos

Dates: July 28, 2009 to August 20, 2009

Course: Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, and Elementary Point Set Topology

Schedule: Daily lectures on Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, and an Introduction to Point Set Topology

Reference book: Logic Primer by Colin Allen and Michael Hand (Second Edition)

Suggestions to the future visiting lecturers: If possible visiting lectures should bring hard copy books to add to the almost non-existent mathematics library. I contributed a large collection of PDF books, but they need hardcopies of books, especially modeling, statistics, and applied mathematics; anything really though.

Other comments: My suggestion to the Dean and Mathematics Department Chair was that a cohort of mathematics majors be moved through the program with as much of their mathematics instruction as possible done in English. This would enable them to more easily study abroad and would make any program (such as the IMU/CDC) more assessable. English is the international language of mathematics, but little instruction in English is done in secondary or post-secondary schools.

Thoughts/Experiences: The Mathematics Department was a joyful group to work with. They welcomed me immediately and were enthusiastic about my presence there. One weekend we took a department trip north to Vang Vien. I was able to visit the homes of several students, and families of staff members. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the real life of the people.

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