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Report Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, VLP Tanzania 2011

1) How often did you teach a course, what was/were the title (s) of the course (s), how many students did participate in the course (s)? - Please provide (if possible) any schedule of activities/list of topics covered during your visit.

The week I landed was dedicated to refinement of the M.S. and Ph.D Curriculum for the School of Mathematics, Computational and Communication Science and Engineering.

The next two weeks I lectured to about 8 members on one of the graduate courses MCSE6103 (Computational Methods for Scientists and Engineers I). The last week I helped develop and teach another graduate course MCSE6102 (Differential Equations) to a few faculty members for which a text book was prescribed to the instructors to use.

Most of the time however, was dedicated to the development of MCSE6103. Please find attached the complete material (see attached zip file) that I created for this course during my VLP. I have itemized what you will find in the three folders within the zip file. One of the main contributions besides the powerpoint slides that I prepared for each lecture for each topic, I prepared an Instructor's guide which is a complete textbook that contains detailed transcript that the instructor can use to deliver. This was prepared to help any instructor delivering the course.

MCSE6103 Course Information Docs
- Detailed Syllabus (2 Pages)
- Day by day schedule with classwork and homework (1 Page)
- Instructor Guide (130 pages): A new book created specifically for the course

MCSE6103 Powerpoint Lectures (Total of 171 Slides)
- Introduction to Mathematical Modeling (21 Slides)
- Mathematical Preliminaries (24 Slides)
- Computer Arithmetic (13 Slides)
- Solutions to Nonlinear Equations (27 Slides)
- Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation (18 Slides)
- Numerical Differentiation (14 Slides)
- Numerical Integration (20 Slides)
- Initial Value Problems (34 Slides)

MCSE6103 Homework Worksheets for each topic along with a  Computer Project

Sample Website for Course, please go here

2) Attach if available, any notes or exams/quizzes that were distributed to students. Please also mention the references you used or any text books that were referred to.

Please find the attached file. Also, I presented a copy of the graduate text book I co-authored "Classical and Modern Numerical Analysis: Theory Methods and Practice , CRC Press, a Taylor & Francis Company, A. Ackleh, R. Kearfott, E. Allen and P. Seshaiyer (2009). "

3) Do you have any pictures which you would allow us to put on the IMU VLP website?

Yes, I have several pictures and am posting it in the program website. Feel free to download any of those pictures for the IMU VLP website. I will be happy to send them if you need it as well.

4) Do you have any recommendations/suggestions to the professor who will visit the university in the future?

I can talk to some of my friends and find out if they would be interested.

5) Would you like to share anything else like any particular experience, testimonial etc.?

My VLP experience was great and would definitely recommend it to all faculty. Besides helping establish new programs in developing countries, I think the VLP helps to build a strong partnership and network that is useful in the long term.

last updated: 2011-09-20