Mary Somerville  (1780 – 1872)  was a remarkable self-taught Scottish mathematician and scientist. The famous Oxford women’s college Somerville  was named after her. She has just been selected to have her portrait featured on a new Scottish £10 note, see the  interesting article  on P.22 of the January 2016 LMS newsletter by Brigitte Stenhouse, who has been researching her papers which are […]

The European Maths Society -Simons Africa project is a program for fostering opportunities for researchers in Africa.The African Continent is very diversified and the development of a career in mathematics faces different and sometimes difficult progression. The Committee for Developing Countries (CDC) of the EMS, with the support of the Simons Foundation, is opening a program of research visits […]

The Iranian Mathematical Society (IMS) is going to establish a section for Iranian Women Mathematicians. The first gathering of female representatives from all Mathematics Departments in Iran will be held in Shahid Beheshti University on November 17th, 2016. For more information contact Raheleh Jafari

Congratulations to Claire Voisin, Professor at Collège de France, Paris, on her award of the 2016 CNRS Gold Medal; France’s highest scientific distinction. Professor Voisin is a specialist in the field of algebraic geometry. Since it was created in 1954, the CNRS Gold Medal is awarded annually to scientific figures who have made an exceptional contribution […]

Congratulations to the London Mathematical Society, who are the recipients of the inaugural Royal Society Athena Prize in recognition of their advancement of diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) within the mathematical community. This excellent blog post provides insight into what they have managed to accomplish so far and their future plans.

CWM has recently established about 120 special correspondents worldwide, each of whom has the job of disseminating information such as CWM funding calls in her geographical or mathematical neighbourhood, and also of keeping CWM informed about activities or initiatives to be announced on this website. The list of ambassadors is here. If you want information […]

The WIMSIG Conference The WIMSIG Conference: Celebration of Women in Mathematics is scheduled to be held on September 25-26, 2017 at the University of South Australia.  The Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group (WIMSIG)  of the Australian Mathematical Society is organizing the first such conference in Australia to promote gender equity in Australian mathematics.   […]

CWM CALL 2017. CWM invites proposals for funding of up to €3000 for activities or initiatives taking place in 2017, aimed at either: (a) Establishing or supporting networks for women in mathematics, preferably at the continental or regional level, and with priority given to networks in developing or emerging countries; or (b) Organizing a mathematical […]

Just appeared: An interesting article Gender Representation on Journal Editorial Boards in the Mathematical Sciences by Chad M. Topaz and Shilad Sen. PLOS ONE August 18, 2016 From the abstract: Women are known to comprise approximately 15% of tenure-stream faculty positions in doctoral-granting mathematical sciences departments in the United States. Compared to this group, we […]

Latin American Women in Mathematics  met in July 11-15 2016, Barranquilla, Colombia during the Fifth Latin American Congress of Mathematics. The aim is to establish a network of women mathematicians in the region. Here is a YouTube video of the event.



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