Once you start collecting photos of women mathematicians, you realise just how many there are. Looking across the generations, how striking it is to see how women have overcome the multitude of obstacles placed in their paths, each with achievements which in their time were extraordinary. Among our own generation, probably the first in which women have been able to study and hold positions truly without barriers, we find a baroness, some chevalières and some dames, members of scientific academies and winners of prestigious awards, and above all, so many women who have achieved `firsts’. As time moves onwards, how much more will women mathematicians be able to achieve!

Many more  pictures of female mathematicians can be found in the Oberwohlfach photo collection. A gallery of women giving talks can be found on the Newton Institute website here. There are many other pictures in the Agnes Scott College Women in Maths collection here, on the St Andrews MacTutor history of Maths website here, and on the wikipedia women in math webpages here. If you would like to submit a photo for our collection, please see the instructions here.

Here are some female mathematicians, chosen somewhat at random. Click on the picture to see more details and then click on the name to go to a website with more information.

Maria Gaetana Agnesi
Eva Bayer-Fluckiger
Joan Birman
Valentina Borok
Lenore Blum
Mary Cartwright
Carla Cederbaum
Alessandra Celletti
Ingrid Daubechies
Maria J. Esteban
Philippa Garrett Fawcett
Joséphine Guidy-Wandja
Mary Gray
Simone Gutt
Louise Hay
Valerie Isham
Svetlana Jitomirskaya
Nalini Joshi
Linda Keen
Barbara Keyfitz
Frances Kirwan
Motoko Kotani
Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaia
Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya
Ada Lovelace
Natalia Lyulko
Ursula Martin
Dusa McDuff
Lê Thanh Nhàn
Emmy Noether
Hee Oh
Marie-Françoise Ouedraogo
Raman Parimala
Sylvie Paycha
Dusanka Perisic
Ragni Piene
Cheryl Praeger
Sujatha Ramdorai
Jacqui Rammage
Idun Reiten
Christiane Rousseau
Marie-Françoise Roy
Cora Ratto de Sadosky
Claudia Sagastizabal
Marta Sanz-Solé
Alice Schafer
Caroline Series
Vera W. de Spinadel
Bhama Srinivasan
Gwyneth Stallard
Elisabetta Strickland
Ulrike Tillmann
Reidun Twarok
Corinna Ulcigrai
Michèle Vergne
Karen Vogtmann
Carol Wood
Grace Chisholm Young
Lai Sang Young



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