1. The Executive Committee of IMU recommends inviting Holland to change from Group III to Group IV, as of January 1, 2001. Information regarding mathematical activity in Holland may be obtained from either of the web sites below:
    (Postal Ballot #1 is enclosed.)
  2. The Executive Committee also recommends admitting Peru as a member of IMU. Please find the enclosed letter of application, along with information on mathematical research activities and examples of selected publications by mathematicians in Peru.
    (Postal Ballot #2 is enclosed.)
  3. Suggestions of names for the plenary lecturers for ICM/2002 may be submitted until December 31, 2000. Please send suggestions directly to IMU Program Committee Chairman, Professor YURI MANIN, Max Planck Institute fur Math, Vivatsgasse 7, Bonn D-53072, Germany; fax: 49 (228) 402277; e-mail: manin@mpim-bonn.mpg.de. You may also suggest candidates for the Fields Medal and Rolf Nevanlinna Prizes to be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the Congress. These names should be sent to the Secretary of IMU, Professor PHILLIP GRIFFITHS, Institute for Advanced Study, Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540-0631; fax: (1) 609-683-7605; e-mail: imu@ias.edu; with a brief justification, by March 31, 2001. They will be forwarded to the chairman of the appropriate committee.

  4. Please note that candidates for both prizes must be at most 40 years old in 2002.

    The Rolf Nevanlinna Prize is for young mathematicians dealing with the Mathematical Aspects of Information Sciences, including: all mathematical aspects of computer science, e.g. complexity theory, logic of programming languages, machine models, cryptography; scientific computing, numerical analysis and optimization; and information theory, signal processing, control theory and the modeling of intelligence.
  5. I have enclosed address lists for Adhering Organizations and National Committees. Would you please check the accuracy of your listing and let me know if any corrections or changes are needed? It also would be very helpful to have your e-mail address, if this is not already included.

Please note that the Postal Ballots are the responsibility of the Adhering Organizations. We are sending the correspondence also to the National Committees to keep them well informed.

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Phillip A. Griffiths
Secretary of IMU