1. Opening of the Assembly

  2. Address by the President

  3. Appointment of Committees
    (i) Credentials Committee
    (ii) Resolutions Committee
    (iii) Tellers
    (iv) Committee for Finance and Dues
    (v) Nomination Committee

  4. Members
    (i) Change of Groups
    (ii) Dues arrears of Members
    (iii) New Members

  5. Review of the Activities of the Union
    (i) IMU Bulletin
    (ii) Symposia and Conferences
    (iii) World Directory of Mathematicians
    (iv) ICMI, CDE, ICHM, CEIC

  6. Finance and Dues
    (i) Financial reports for the year 1998-2001
    (ii) Proposal for a dues increase
    (iii) Budget for 2003-2006

  7. Site of ICM 2006

  8. Elections
    (i) Executive Committee of IMU
    (ii) Executive Committee of ICMI
    (iii) CDE
    (iv) ICHM
    (v) Representative of IMU to ICSU

  9. Adoption of Resolutions

  10. Miscellaneous

  11. Any other item with the permission of the President

  12. Next meeting of the General Assembly