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Nomination Guidelines

Nominations for candidates for the Fields Medal, Rolf Nevanlinna Prize, and the Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize to be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2010 may be sent to the Chairs of the corresponding Prize Committees and must include:

  • Name and affiliation of candidate.
  • Candidate's Date of birth. (Please note the age requirements for the Fields Medal and Rolf Nevanlinna Prize.)
  • A description of the work that qualifies the candidate for the award, written in terms that are accessible to mathematicians of different backgrounds, including references to the candidate's important papers.

Nominations are confidential, and must not be disclosed to the candidate.
Nominations should ideally be sent by 15 December 2008 to the Prize Committee Chairs.

No winner of one of these Prizes is eligible for one of the others.

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