• Executive Committee 1999-2002
  • Presidential Address at the Opening Ceremony of ICME-9
    Hyman Bass
  • Some Data about ICME-9
    Bernard R. Hodgson
  • A Report on the Forum of All Chinese Math Educators at ICME-9
    Fan Lianghuo, Zhang Dianzhou and Gu Lingyuan
  • Some Documents Published on the Occasion of ICME-9
    Bernard R. Hodgson
  • The International Programme Committee for ICME-10
    Bernard R. Hodgson
  • ICMI on the Web
    Bernard R. Hodgson
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  • A Call for Bids for ICME-11 (2008)
    Bernard R. Hodgson
  • The Thirteenth ICMI Study: Mathematics Education in Different Cultural Traditions:
    A Comparative Study of East Asia and the West - Discussion Document
  • The Fourteenth ICMI Study on Applications and Modelling
  • Information about Recent ICMI Studies
  • Report from the International Study Group on the Relations Between the History and
    Pedagogy of Mathematics (HPM)

    Fulvia Furinghetti
  • HPM Website
  • Report from the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME)
    Joop van Dormolen
  • Report from the International Organization of Women and Mathematics Education (IOWME)
    Jo Boaler
  • Report from the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (WFNMC)
    Peter Taylor
  • Affiliated Study Groups Websites
  • Report of an ICMI Regional Conference: EM 2000 (Grenoble, July 2000)
    Bernard Cornu, Pierre Jullien and Colette Laborde
  • "One Hundred Years of L'Enseignement Mathématique" - An International Symposium
    Organized Jointly by the University of Geneva and ICMI (Geneva, 20-22 October 2000)

    Geoffrey Howson
  • Follow-up to the "EM-ICMI" Symposium
  • In Memoriam - David H. Wheeler (1925-2000)
    Bernard R. Hodgson, Trevor Fletcher, Mogens Niss and Sandy Dawson
  • New ICMI Study Series (NISS) - Order Form
  • Sweden Establishes a National Graduate School in Mathematics Education
    Gerd Brandell
  • Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Mathematicians: An Unbalanced Triangle
    Willi Dörfler
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development in Belize: Developments and Challenges
    Filiberto Perados
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