1. I am enclosing the guidelines for the operation of the Site Committee for ICM-2006. Please note that the deadline to receive applications is November 30, 2000.

  2. Professor O. Nakoulima, for personal reasons, has resigned from the Commission on Development and Exchange (CDE). Following the necessary procedures, the IMU Executive Committee at its last meeting, which took place in Rio de Janeiro on May 10-11, approved the name of Professor Fazal Mahomed to be submitted to all Adhering Organizations/National Committees for approval. A Postal Ballot (#1) is enclosed. I take the liberty to recall that Professor Mahomed was nominated from the floor at the last General Assembly to be a candidate to CDE, and on that occasion he obtained a significant number of votes. This fact motivated the EC of IMU to forward his name to you.

  3. Based on an "enabling resolution" passed by the General Assembly in Dresden on August 16, 1998, an ad hoc committee was formed to explore the possibility of establishing a Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC). The EC supports the recommendation of the ad hoc committee that the Committee on Electronic Information and Communication be formally established. The proposed terms of reference, list of committee members, and a Postal Ballot (#2) are enclosed.

  4. I am also enclosing a revised version of the Procedures for the Election of the Executive Committee of IMU and other committees. If you have any comments or suggestions, we would appreciate receiving them by March 31, 2000. Please note that the Procedures are essentially the same as those for the 1998 General Assembly. The slight modifications consist in providing even more information to all Adhering Organizations and National Committees, and at an earlier date.

  5. Statutes: At its May meeting, the EC agreed to bring to the General Assembly for a vote a proposal to increase the number of Members-at-Large in the Executive Committee by one, to six. (At present, the Statutes mention "5 Members-at-Large.") If approved, the change will apply to the election for 2006. Again, we would appreciate receiving any comments by March 31, 2000.

  6. In accordance with Article III of the IMU Statutes (enclosed), an "affiliate" status has been created: "For the purpose of facilitating jointly sponsored activities pursuing the objectives of the IMU, multi-national mathematical societies and professional societies can be affiliated with the Union." At its May meeting, the EC decided to recommend for affiliate status two organizations: The European Mathematical Society (EMS) and the Latin American-Caribbean Union of Math (UMALCA). Please note that further information on these two societies can be found at their websites: http://www.emis.de/ems-general.html and http://umalca.fing.edu.uy/, respectively. A Postal Ballot (#3) is enclosed.

  7. I have enclosed address lists for Adhering Organizations and National Committees. Would you please check the accuracy of your listing and let me know if any corrections or changes are needed? It also would be very helpful to have your e-mail address, if this is not already included.


    Thank you very much


    Phillip A. Griffiths
    Secretary, IMU