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2007-05-21   ICIAM/IMS/IMU set up a joint Committee on "Quantitative Assessment of Research"

The International Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM), the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IMS), and the International Mathematical Union (IMU) have formed a Committee of "Quantitative Assessment of Research" that will investigate various aspects of the quantitative assessment of research in mathematics. The Committee will, in particular, look into impact factors and similar ways to measure research output.

The Committee consists of:

  • Robert Adler (Haifa, Israel), appointed by IMS
  • Peter Taylor (Melbourne, Australia), appointed by ICIAM
  • John Ewing (Providence, USA), appointed by IMU.

The Committee is expected to create a summary of its findings to be endorsed by the Executive Committees of ICIAM, IMS, and IMU and to be published afterwards.

ICIAM, IMS, and IMU have formulated an aspirational charge to help set direction rather than prescribe the final outcome of the committee's work.

2007-01-01    The IMU secretariat has been moved to the
Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB)
for the years 2007 - 2010.
The official postal address for correspondence
with the IMU secretariat is as follows:

International Mathematical Union
Office of the Secretariat
Zuse Institute Berlin
Takustr. 7
D-14195 Berlin
Fax: +49 30 84185 - 269

Secretary: Martin Grötschel

2006-08-22    ICM 2006 opened and IMU Prizes awarded
Speech of IMU President John Ball at the Opening Ceremony in PDF.

2005-02-20    IMU Logo Competition

2004-07-08    Henri Cartan 100 years old

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