IMU Prizes 2014
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At the Opening Ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 on August 13, 2014, the Fields Medals (started in 1936), the Nevanlinna Prize (started in 1982), the Gauss Prize (started in 2006), and the Chern Medal Award (started in 2010) were awarded. In addition, the winner of the Leelavati Prize (started in 2010) and the speaker of the ICM Emmy Noether Lecture (started in 1994) were announced.  More information about the awards can be found HERE.
Below is information about the awardees. The texts describing their work are copyright free and can be used in publications. This also applies to the photos of the prize winners below. 

List of all 2014 awardees with brief citations

Fields Medals 2014

Artur Avila

Manjul Bhargava



Martin Hairer

Maryam Mirzakhani


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Rolf Nevanlinna Prize 2014


Subhash Khot


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Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize for Applications of Mathematics 2014


Stanley Osher


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Chern Medal Award 2014

Phillip Griffiths

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Leelavati Prize 2014

Adrián Paenza


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ICM Emmy Noether Lecture 2014

The 2014 ICM Emmy Noether lecturer is Georgia Benkart.


The videos about the winners of the Fields Medal and the Nevanlinna Prize were produced by the Simons Foundation which has granted the International Mathematical Union (IMU) the copyrights to the final videos. IMU gives all media (TV, online media) the permission to use the “online versions” of these videos.


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