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Candidacy for Membership
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Candidacy for Membership and Associate Membership

Instructions for a country that wishes to become a member of IMU:

A country interested in becoming a Member of the International Mathematical Union, should send to the Secretary of IMU a sample of its activities in mathematics, especially concerning research, as well as a sample of research papers published in international journals by its mathematicians in the last 10 years or so. The Secretary of IMU will then present the case to the Executive Committee, that will make a recommendation to the members of the Union by Postal Ballot or at a meeting of the General Assembly for a final decision.

A country interested in becoming an Associate Member of the International Mathematical Union, should contact the Secretary of IMU for information about the application procedure.

IMU has five groups of membership. Membership in group I provides I vote in the General Assembly. The dues increase nonlinear with the group number. For instance, the dues for group V are twelve times the dues for group I. The Statutes describe this more formally. The adherence of a country is in one of the five groups I-V with corresponding voting powers and contributions as set out in the Statutes. A country may change its classification with the approval of the members of the Union upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.

The current dues are as follows:

Group 2007 2008 2009 2010
I 1386 1455 1528 1605
II 2772 2910 3056 3210
III 5544 5820 6112 6420
IV 11088 11640 12224 12840
V 16632 17460 18336 19260
  Dues for 2007-2010 in Swiss Francs
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