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First Mathematics Education Congress for Central America and the Caribbean and the General Assembly of the Mathematics Education Network for Central America and the Caribbean

The First Mathematics Education Congress for Central America and the Caribbean and the General Assembly of the Mathematics Education Network for Central America and the Caribbean, held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, November 5 to 8, 2013

These events were a follow-up from CANP 2012. More details:

These activities had a great success, empowered Math Education within the Dominican Republic and the region (more than 600 participants -440 Dominicans-  and 150 speakers from 19 countries, high academic quality  and organization). The network has defined its future activities and directive bodies. ICMI and IMU were strongly positioned.

More information about the congress and General Assembly can be found here.

The next congress will be in Cali, Colombia, in 2017.



CANP Costa Rica 2012: A great success

The Mathematics Education Network of Central America and the Caribbean has been created.

Between 6 and 17 August 2012 in San Jose, Costa Rica, was carried out with great success the Escuela seminario internacional Construcción de Capacidades en Matemáticas y Educación Matemática: CANP Costa Rica 2012.

The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction ICMI organized this event. It is the second experience of the Capacity and Networking Project, whose first edition was in Mail (Africa) in 2011, and the third will be held in Cambodia (Asia) in 2013. It's one of the main projects of ICMI. The event had the sponsorship of the International Mathematical Union IMU, the IMU CDC, ICIAM, the International Council for Science ICSU and the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean,  the Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education CIAEM, UNESCO, MEXICO’s Mathematics Research Center CIMAT, the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica and the University of Costa Rica.

The event brought together 67 researchers and educators of Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, who developed 23 different activities (conferences, courses, forums, symposia) on important themes of Mathematics and Mathematics Education: Fundamental Mathematics in Primary and Secondary School, Contemporary Mathematics, Technologies, Competencies, Research, Pre-service and in-service Teacher Preparation, Use of History of Mathematics, Epistemology of Mathematics. Under this international framework a public symposium was held: the Costa Rican 25th Symposium on Math, Science and Society, joined by 200 participants.

The inaugural ceremony included the participation of the Costa Rican Minister of Public Education, Leonardo Garnier. The media coverage was impressive: main TV channels, newspapers and radio stations.

A highlight of CANP 2012 was the presentation and discussion of 5 national reports on the situation on Math Education preparation in this region.

Videos about CANP 2012 can be seen here: and here:

The most important result of CANP Costa Rica 2012 was the founding of the Mathematics Education Network of Central America and the Caribbean, which seeks to enhance capacities in Mathematics and Mathematics Education in the region. The website is: 

The network began its work with the support of several international organizations: ICMI, IMU, ICSU and the CIAEM, and already has the support of several societies of Mathematics educators in the region. 

Read more here.

For a Spanish report, please go here.

Support and Sponsorship

The Capacity and Network Project Central America and the Caribbean 2012 had the sponsorship of:



CANP 2012 - Central America and the Caribbean


The Project was held for two week programme from August 06-17, 2012 in Costa Rica , and cosisted of a workshop for forty participants from Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Satellite activities targeting a wider audience were organised. 

The Project aims :

  • to strengthen mathematical education through fostering regional development and capacity building for teachers and educators, forming self-sustainable networks concerned with mathematics education, assuring better quality education and enhancing the mathematical and pedagogical potential of the region.
  • to experience technological resources

It takes as its premise the importance of educators to identify and understand basic mathematical ideas and the best teaching and learning in contemporary perspectives to impact directly in the classroom.

Collaborations are assumed South-South and North-South but especially in an overarching manner of international efforts vision.

This project is closely linked to the Project Klein ICMI and IMU which aims to communicate the breadth and vitality of mathematics for secondary teachers in the world in a way that connects with the curriculum and the practice of secondary education. See

CANP 2012 seeks to rely on existing actions or projects and nurture the local or regional actions already undertaken in the countries where it does.


The participants are experienced teachers and teacher trainers: professional mathematicians, researchers in mathematics education, primary and secondary teachers, inspectors and advisers and even math consultants coming from:

  •      Panama
  •      Dominican Republic
  •      Colombia
  •      Costa Rica
  •      Venezuela.

Eight experts from Central America and the Caribbean and outside the region form the International Scientific Committee.

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