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Capacity and Networking Project Andean Region and Paraguay

CANP 5 will have, like all other CANP programms  a two-week workshop with forty participants, half from Peru and half from Bolivia, Paraguay and Ecuador. It is primarily aimed at mathematics teacher educators, but the programm will also include mathematicians, researchers, policy-makers, and secondary school teachers. The workshop will have associated activities such as public lectures. The program, and in particular the workshop, builds on existing activities in the region and does not seek to reproduce or compete with existing development programmes. It includes a follow-up in 2017 (in one of the participating countries) to ensure continuity and for evaluation.

The CANP 5 will start with a workshop held in February 2016 at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.The coordination of the workshop will be undertaken by an international scientific committee (IPC), with equal participation by mathematicians and mathematics educators from the region and from the international ICMI and IMU community. The committee members are mathematics educators and mathematicians. The Programme Coordinator and chair of the IPC is Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin (Brazil). 

The members of the IPC are:

  • Michèle Artigue (France)
  • Angel Ruiz, (Costa Rica)
  • Luis Radford, (Canada/ Guatemala)
  • Jose Miguel Contreras, (Spain)
  • Salome Martinez, (Chile)
  • Roger Metzger, (Peru)
  • Christian Schaerer (Paraguay)

The programme is supported by national liaisons as well as a local organizing committee (LOC). The  Local Programme Chair is Uldarico Victor Malaspina Jurado from Peru.

The members of the Local Organizing Committee are:

  • Rosa Cecilia Gaita Iparraguirre (Peru), 
  • Rudy José Rosas Bazán (Peru), 
  • Estela Aurora Vallejo Vargas (Peru)
  • Jesús Victoria Flores Salazar (Peru), 
  • Olimpia Rosa Castro Mora (Peru), 
  • Sonia Ximena Nivia Cordero Cardenas (national liaison and LOC from of Bolivia), 
  • Gabriela Gómez Pasquali (national liaison and LOC from Paraguay), 
  • Margarita Helena Martínez Jara (national liaison and LOC from Ecuador), 

The Local Organizing Committee selects together with the Programme Coordinator/ Manager the participants for the CANP programme. 

The Capacity & Networking Project aims to to help exchange information, share the state of the art research, and identify strategies for addressing barriers to enhance mathematics education and to conduct to building a sustainable network for policy makers, scholars and practitioners across those targeted regions.

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