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Launched in 1969 at the initiative of ICMI President Hans Freudenthal (1905-1990), the ICMEs have been held since then in leap years.  The years and sites of past ICMEs are:

                            ICME-1                1969                    Lyon (France)

                            ICME-2                1972                    Exeter (UK)

                            ICME-3                1976                    Karlsruhe (Germany)

                            ICME-4                1980                    Berkeley (USA)

                            ICME-5                1984                    Adelaide (Australia)

                            ICME-6                1988                    Budapest (Hungary)

                            ICME-7                1992                    Québec (Canada)

                            ICME-8                1996                    Sevilla (Spain)

                            ICME-9                2000                    Tokyo (Japan)

                            ICME-10              2004                    Copenhagen (Denmark)

                            ICME-11              2008                    Monterrey (México) click here for the archived website

                            ICME-12              2012                    Seoul (Korea)


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