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The IPC of ICMI Study 23 would like to invite papers for the Twenty-third ICMI Study: Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Numbers

Please find here the Discussion Document of the Twenty-third ICMI Study: “Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Numbers”. The document is also available on the ICMI Study conference website:

Submissions of contributions of several kinds are invited: theoretical or cultural-historic- epistemological-essays (with deep connection with classroom practice, curricula or teacher education programs); position papers discussing policy and practice issues; discussion papers related to curriculum issues; reports on empirical studies; video-clips on explicit classroom or teacher professional education practice. The possibility of submitting short video- clips is a novelty of the ICMI Study 23. Video-clips show in a visual way examples of non-verbal communication, dynamic moments of significance or oddity, impressive performances or crucial incidents about teaching and learning WNA (including teacher professional education and development).

To ensure a rich and varied discussion, participation from countries with different economic capacity or with different cultural heritage and practices is encouraged.

The IPC encourages people who are not familiar with such Conferences to submit early (see the deadlines below) in order to receive assistance for finalizing their contribution (this assistance concerns the choice of the topic of the contribution and the structure of the paper, not the editing of English language). In this way the IPC inaugurates a new tradition of helping newcomers (including practitioners) to the international mathematics education community. This implies a process of supporting the writing of a contribution, which the IPC judges as having the potential to contribute to the Study (see below).


People who believe they need assistance for finalizing their contribution must submit a tentative copy with an appropriate form (assistance form) for requiring assistance no later than August 31, 2014. Their submissions will be examined immediately. The assistance form will be available in the ICMI Study 23 website.

The author will receive by September 30,2014 the information of the decision (rejected, accepted pending revision, accepted in the present form). In the second case an IPC member will act as “tutor” to help the final preparation of the paper. Then the final paper will undergo the standard review process.

Submissions by people who do not require assistance must be sent no later than September 15, 2014, but earlier if possible.

Proposals will be reviewed, decisions made about invitations for the Conference (to be held in June 2015) and notification of these decisions sent by the end of February 2015.


The Study Conference of ICMI STUDY 23 will be held at the University of Macau, Macau SAR, China, from June 3 to 7, 2015.
As is the usual practice for ICMI studies, participation in the Study Conference will be by invitation only for the authors of submitted contributions, which are accepted. Proposed contributions will be reviewed and a selection will be made according to the quality of the work, the potential to contribute to the advancement of the Study, with explicit links to the themes contained in the Discussion Document and the need to ensure diversity among the perspectives. The number of invited participants will be limited to approximately 100 people.


All information regarding the ICMI Study 23 and the Study Conference etc. can be found in the  Discussion Document and on the conference website:

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